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Oh my pretty wine jug, I knew I'd find you someday!

Every since my first visit to Italy in March 2006, when we were served house wine in ceramic jugs of various sizes, shapes and patterns, I have wanted a wine jug of my own. I loved the casualness of house wine served in a ceramic pitcher, with tumblers to drink from. Plus I often buy Fontana di Papa's Castelli Romani (red) and Colli Albani (white), and would like to be able to have something smaller than a 2 litre bottle sitting on the table from which to refill my glass.

I've looked high and low but, until today, hadn't come across a pitcher that called my name. I recently bought a plain glass carafe for a buck or so at a junk store in Maitland, but considered that merely a stop gap measure until the perfect jug appeared.

MN and I were driving home from the Valley (we'd spent yesterday at the Berwick United Church camp, with Valerie and her daughter) and as we drew close to home, I suddenly thought that I should go to Winners/Homesense today. I had a feeling that I would find my wine jug. So along I went and...what should my eyes behold across the aisle? AHA, there IT is!! My perfect pitcher!! Clearly my awesome psychic powers were bang on today.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! I chortled in my joy!

...to paraphrase a line from Jabberwocky.

Imagine my further delight when I flipped it over and discovered what was stamped on the bottom:


Oh be still my Italy-obsessed heart...such raptures ensued that I enticed myself into buying two matching platters! (Have I mentioned that it doesn't take much to excite me?!?) But to take possession of all three pieces for a measly $40, how could I possibly have resisted? The pitcher is perfect for about a litre, but will hold up to a litre and a half.

Here are my beautiful new acquisitions:

My pretty wine jug:

The matching set:

The smaller platter:

The larger platter:

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Beautiful and what a steal! Do they ship?

Oh I am SO pleased for you, and envious too! :)


I don't think they ship. But if you want to check them out, I just added the links to the stores. It was actually at Homesense, not Winners, where I found these gems. The store is a combo, and I always forget they are two separate divisions...

I plan to stop in again on my way home and pick up another pitcher! Surely I need one for red wine AND one for white! ;)

Those are so beautiful! What a great find. I'd definitely go back for another pitcher. :)

62 days on the countdown clock!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, those are very beautiful. I like the elegant design and especially where it was made!

Excellent choice and for $40 what a fabulous price.

Congrats on the great find!


Anne, What great finds! Congratulations on the successful hunt! I have the exact small dish which I found at our local Marshalls but did not find any other matching dishes... Lucky you!

María I.:

They are gorgeous! What a great find.


Ok, so I went back for a second pitcher and ended up coming home with three more pieces! The pitcher, plus an smaller platter, and a shallow dish that will be perfect for a mini-casserole or a hot dip. Now I have one of everything they had on the shelf. "Oh goodness mom, you're such the Italy dork" said Miss Ninja...


I'm also an "Italy dork" :-)


Anne, those are absolutely lovely -- what a find! I hit Homesense now and again, but not with enough frequency to ever score something so beautiful! And Italian, at that.

Lovely! And look at your countdown clock go -- just 59 days until your trip!


Sandra - I only go once in a blue moon too but I just had a feeling to go on this day. Serendipity reigns supreme!

María - nice to know I'm in good company :)

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