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Sunday with Tricia

What a lovely day we had today. Ginger and I went with my friend Tricia to her church - she and I are doing an "exchange". I went to her church this week, and she is coming to mine another week. (Actually we are not-so-secretly trying to lure each other to our own church. I don't know what her motivation is, but for my part, she is just so much fun and would bring a great energy to our church. However, we both love our own houses of worship, so I don't think either of us is going to make a move.)

Her minister, Rev. George MacDonald, is a very friendly and down to earth older gentleman, who is retiring this year. He gave a wonderful sermon, titled "Season to Taste". He began by speaking of his mother's stew and how, no matter how he tries, he cannot make a stew that tastes like hers. After she passed away, he found the recipe she used, which was her mother's. He said it was easy to follow, the instructions were clear and basic...until the last line "season to taste". Does that mean salt and pepper, or a mix of the herbs and spices in the rack above the stove? Does that mean season to his taste, her taste, the diners' taste? And he still has never made a stew that tastes like hers... And that lead into a sermon of how God seasons to his taste and how it's always the decision points that are difficult. It's easy to follow instructions, go to church each week, read the Bible, etc. But what about the times in our lives when we are called upon to "season to taste"? It was very thoughtful. We met and had a nice chat with him afterward. He asked where we were from, and it turns out he knows my Rev. Valerie and her husband Mark (who is also a minister, but in the Anglican Church, not the United Church).

Tricia also introduced us around, plus a couple people came and introduced themselves. What a truly warm and welcoming reception we were given. If I wasn't so enamoured of my own church & minister, Tricia might actually have a shot at luring me over to the "dark side"!

After church, we went back to Tricia's house for a homemade version of quesadilla. Oh my goodness, what a tasty lunch! Tortilla shells filled with shredded cooked chicken, salsa and cheese, folded in two and barbequed for about ten minutes. Then served with quacamole, sour cream and salsa for dipping. And the quacamole - yum!! I have never liked the stuff, but boy, Tricia's recipe is to die for. Avocado, garlic, sour cream, chili powder and lime juice. It was so good with the quesadillas.

And then - dare I confess it? - we went to Mamma Mia again! Oh I can't help it, this movie is so much fun, I am captivated by its exuberance! And how great to have a friend who loves it as much as I do (Tricia and I have already talked about going a fourth time!) Ginger moved a couple seats away from us halfway through...we were clapping, singing and yes, even up on our feet dancing (we chose back row seats specifically so we would have nobody behind us.) Honestly, how much more fun can one have than singing and dancing like a fool with a friend at a rousing musical? Too bad my darlin' Ginger wouldn't join us in the dancing, she doesn't know what she was missing! Miss Ninja said she was incredibly glad she didn't go with us...no doubt she would have had to wear a paper bag over her head and pretended not to know us!

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There's nothing better than parents embarassing their kids in public, ha ha! Sounds like a wonderful day!


Kids! Never mind embarrassing them, it is a parent's prerogative to do that, I think... says someone who is always accused of emabarrasing her children...

Church may be more fun for me if my friends went with me to service every Sunday... but most of my friends are not the church-going type. That's ok, I like them anyway... :)


You didn't! You got up and danced in the theatre?! Poor Ginger :)

I saw Mama Mia yesterday and I think I'll rent it when it comes out on DVD, so I can dance along with Meryl Streep and the girls. Oh, and sing along -- loudly!

Interesting sermon. I don't get to Mass as often as I should (except when I'm in Italy, where someone is celebrating Mass all the time!) and I think part of my problem is finding a priest with a relevant message. Alas. It really is a gift, to be able to preach well, and connect with people.

I just came back from seeing Mamma Mia with my 26 year-old daughter. We both loved it! I didn't grow up in the USA and I'm familiar with only a few of the songs but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I might go see it again with a few of my girl friends.
I loved reading about the lovely day you had with your friend Tricia. I usually go to church with my friends but they all belong to different parishes so we alternate.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I thought Rev. MacDonald's sermon was a very thoughtful message and delivered in a way that one can really relate easily to. Made me really think. I enjoyed reading this entry.

Now, about the hand clapping and dancing in the back row of the movie theatre . . . that was great! :) We're going to see Mamma Mia this weekend, so I can't wait.

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