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Won't you sit still, Miss Polly?!?

Yikes, it's hard to snap a decent photo of a scattering kitten! I thought I'd post a couple photos since she's grown so much since the last batch, but...holy moly, she's a whirling dervish this afternoon. Here's what I managed to capture.

I wonder what's in the living room...

Ooo, a pillow to chew on...

Let's see what things look like from this angle...

Well, not much goin' on up top, let's see what's down below...

See my pretty paws...

Later dude, I'm outta here...

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Wow -- she really IS a whirling dervish. Those eyes are something else!

Oh she's just gorgeous! Sounds like you have a real goer on your hands - another Pyewacket! :)

I did a journal entry once on a day in Pyewacket's life.


I think she's been sneaking caffeine in the morning!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, all these photos are so wonderful to see! She's adorable. I love the one with just her paws showing from under the couch . . . so cute!

Thanks so much for sharing these.

She is so precious! And she's really grown a lot. Great photo essay!


I love these pics of your (or perhaps I should say Miss Ninja's) little Polly. What a great way to remember your kitty's childhood. Wish I had done something like this with Rome and Syl. Oh, why do you always have such good ideas??!!

Sweet little kitty, Miss Polly! I sure miss those days when our cats were a bundle of energy.

Super duper cute!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I had to take another look at these great photos of little Miss Polly! So cute . . .

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