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Come closer and light up my hearts...

My friend Karl was talking about these funky "Proximity Based Geek Lovin'" t-shirts that he wants to get for himself and his partner.


Now I want some too!! They are too fun and geeky sounding for words! There's even a video so you can see them in action:

I was joking with the girls last night that I was going to buy a couple, give one to the unsuspecting Miss Ninja...and someday when she wore it to school, I'd come and pick her up and our hearts would all light up! I think this is a marvellously fun plan...she was rather less amused. No doubt if I ever did carry out this nefarious scheme, she'd be forced to change schools since she would never be able to show her face at the old one again. Oh junior high students...they are so easily embarrassed. Although her best friend said she would wear one with me, so I guess these things are ok at that age as long as not with your own mother...although K does call me "mom" half the time.

Ooo, hey this could be the next great fundraiser for my church: "Love thy neighbour...the church-geek way!" We could all wear our t-shirts some Sunday, sing a rousing chorus of Shine Jesus Shine (Lord The Light Of Your Love Is Shining), and have us a big ole congregational love-in...lol

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Those are just too goofy! I have to say that I don't think I've ever dated a single guy who would be caught dead in that!

And I love the March 2014 Birthday celebration idea! Let's pencil it in! Seriously, I've heard that March is a good time to go. The city gets quiet post-Carnivale and pre-High season. And there's one of those high holy Masses in the Basilica on Venice's birthday....


Excellent! Mom and I went in March 2006 and loved it. We were only there two nights though, so I really look forward to a longer stay at that time of year.

ARGH! I love it!! I think that t-shirt is my new favorite thing! :)

That is the funniest invention I have seen in a long time! My kids at school are starting to where these blinking light up shirts (Dora the Explorer, etc. which are annoying me to no end since they distract my already distracted kids) however these are cool!

Fun t-shirt! My 30th wedding anniversary is coming up and I'm thinking of getting two of them for our very informal party.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, very cool! :)I totally enjoyed this post...

Have a great Sunday!


Oh María, go for it! That would be an awesome anniversary party outfit!

Thanks Kathy - you too!

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