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i thank You God

i thank You God

i thank You God for most this amazing
day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

(i who have died am alive again today,
and this is the sun's birthday; this is the birth
day of life and of love and wings: and of the gay
great happening illimitably earth)

how should tasting touching hearing seeing
breathing any – lifted from the no
of all nothing – human merely being
doubt unimaginable You?

(now the ears of my ears awake and
now the eyes of my eyes are opened)

E. E. Cummings
(I've seen his name also as ee cummings, but have read that he himself used capitals in his name, although not so much in his work)

I came across this poem yesterday in an old anthology published by Longman Canada called "Fire and Ice". I think the book belonged to my Aunt Phyllis because it was among the other books I have of hers. I had quite forgotten about it until last evening. I had an urge to read some poetry, but Ginger has most of my anthologies squirreled away in her room so I checked my bookcase and found Fire and Ice. It's an interesting collection, which also includes poems aka lyrics such as Paul Simon's Sound of Silence.

As for i thank You God, this poem really speaks to me. Cummings language is bursting with the glories of nature and filled with the Spirit. I love it!

If only I could gaze upon the "blue true dream of sky" right now though. Alas, tis a rainy, grey scene outside my window this day. Oh well...the sun is shining in my heart and that's the most important thing!

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What a wonderful poem to read first thing in the morning! I thank God each day for all the blessings in my life and for each new day.
Wishing you many sunny and blessed days!

e.e. cummings is one of my favorite poets!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I also loved reading this beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Have a nice evening.


That is a beautiful poem, Anne. Thanks for posting it. It reminds me how often my inner voice is complaining about this or that, when I should be thanking God for everything that I have.....

I love this poem - thanks for sharing it, I haven't read it in a while. It's really more like a prayer!

I just googled EE Cummings and found out that he was a painter too - some of his paintings are very beautiful! He was blessed with talent for sure.


Hi Anne,

I had an ee cummings phase when I was in high school. I wrote my name all in lower case letters... funny, now that I think back....


I had no idea he painted! I just had a look at some of the images and aren't some of them gorgeous?! I love bold colours in paintings.

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