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Impulse gift

Do you ever see something and instantly think "wow, that would be so perfect for so-and-so, I must get it for him/her"? Don't you just love that feeling?! I am always thrilled when I unexpectedly come across things that speak to me of a particular friend...I can rarely resist the impulse to give it to them. (I don't mean expensive or extravagant items obviously, and certainly not obligatory purchases...just those happy occasions when some small gift feels absolutely right.)

Well, I was browsing at the Art Gallery gift shop today and spotted this:


The Mi'kmaq Anthology
Edithors Rita Joe and Lesley Choyce

My friend, Karl, has told me that he feels drawn to native spirituality, and the way First Nations people connect with our earth and that which I would call the Spirit (I am not sure what name they use). Neither he nor, to my knowledge, his partner is of First Nations ancestry, but for various reasons, this culture resonates with Karl. He was raised Catholic, but is no longer "R"eligious; he follows his own spiritual path, which includes such practices as 'healing touch' and meditation. He is often surprised by my comments when we talk about worship experiences...he is unused to a church that is open to following one's own faith journey, questions and all, so thinks my St. John's United sounds very cool. Anyway, when I saw this book in the gift shop, it called out his name to me and I immediately wanted to get it for him, so I did.

He seemed quite touched by my gift, and gave me a big hug, after which we had a great conversation about the joy of having friends in the workplace. Of course there are always many acqaintances with whom one is friendly, but we both have found that it is quite rare to connect on the deeper level of real "friendship". I am blessed to have made such a connection with three wonderful people in my office: Tricia, Jane and Karl.

The bird a nest
the spider a web
the human friendship.
~ William Blake

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Oh I love having work friends. They make my work days special - Ingrid, Letitia, Joyce, Sue... and lots of other lovely ladies and a couple of very special guys.

So I really enjoyed this post. It made me stop and think about how lucky I am in my workplace.


Leslie, I think I didn't explain myself very well! :)

I was thinking more of people who become 'personal friends' as opposed to 'work friends'. There are always lots of coworkers who make my workplace enjoyable, but...if one of us leaves the workplace, we leave those relationships behind. We may have been very fond of each other, but we just haven't much in common besides work and surface chatter (fun though that might be at the time!)

For me, it is a rare gift to connect with a coworker on a deeper level, to share similar life philosophies and interests beyond the workplace, and want to interact outside of the office. I feel that connection with Karl, Tricia and Jane. In fact, Tricia is coming to church with me on Sunday, then back to my house for lunch.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, what a wonderful impulse gift to get for a friend especially since it has so much meaning behind it for him. I loved that post you did on the Sunday you shared with Trish.

Thanks for this really great read this morning. Have a great day.

Wonderful post. I love buying little "no special reason" gifts for people too.

I'd never heard the phrase "First Nation" until you mentioned it on my blog comments one time. I really like it. My grandfather was very into native spirituality too and used to talk about the "Great Spirit."

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Thanks Kathy and Annie, I hope you both had a great weekend too!

Ah yes, the Great Spirit...I did know that term, had just forgotten it. I just looked on Wikipedia, and it defines First Nations as: "a term of ethnicity that refers to the Aboriginal peoples in Canada who are neither Inuit nor Métis people." I learn something new everyday, I had no idea this term was specific to Canada.

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