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Since you asked...Polly update

Annie asked "How is Polly doing? I bet your home is just as filled with kitten exuberance as mine!" Indeed it is, Annie - and exuberance is the perfect word for this age!

Polly is in that scattery, race-full-tilt sideways over the furniture stage. Such fun! (Although less fun to watch my poor furniture get shredded...) I love listening to her galloping around the house like a herd of elephants - I always marvel at how incredibly loud little kittens can be when running around. She's really exploring her world these days too...the other evening I heard a scratching noise so came to investigate. She'd climbed all the way up the screen door and was hanging at the top, swiping at the flying critters hovering around because the light was on. And then there was this morning...I was at the counter tearing up some cooked chicken breasts to make into wraps for lunch. Polly climbed onto the arm of the rocking chair and teetered there, eyes as big as saucers, sniffing at this delicious scent...then she steadied herself, prepared to jump on the counter, and...then I yelled NO!! in my deepest "I mean business" voice and she settled back on her haunches...this little cycle repeated several times before I finished making my wraps. I know that I have to discipline her, but...mostly I just want to burst out laughing at these times...she's so adorable in her badness! Mostly my disciplining involves yelling NO, clapping my hands, and shutting her in the bathroom alone for a few minutes.

Winston continues to be so patient. Yesterday Polly jumped on his head and he just sat there, looking at me with a "see what I have to put up with..." look in his eyes! Even when Polly pushes her way into his food bowl, he just backs up and sits there. So I have to keep watch and chase her away back to her own food bowl...all the while thinking: 'for heavens sake Winston, can't you stand your ground against someone a quarter your size??!' Unfortunately Win's been on a special diet since his urine crystal problems last year, so I can't just let Polly dig in...you'd think Iams kitten food would be good enough for her, but apparently it's not as good as Hill's prescription food...





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Oh my gosh, she is precious! I really like her coloring; I don't think I've ever seen a cat with such unusual markings. And those feet...

In the second photo, she looks like she's thinking "what can I get into now?"

Same thing at my house with the thundering sound of cat feet - it IS surprising that a small creature that weighs so little can be SO loud!

Too funny but I just wrote on my blog about "food wars" - I'm going through it too.

Thanks for the update!

Oh my!

I am up in Brisbane - mom fell and broke her shoulder. She is with my sister so I am there too.

I went into my room a while ago and there was a big lump in the middle of my bed - a blue point siamese and her tonkinese, curled up together. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I just read Annie's blog and you and her seem to be going through very similar experiences. Lulu and Winston seem to be the patient ones and Polly and Maria are the well . . . spunky ones. I loved reading your description of Polly galloping around the house!:) And her watching you shred your chicken . . . jumping on Winston's head. So funny!

I loved all the photos. Polly is very adorable and so is Winston.

I think I may have to get a little kitty too! It sounds like so much fun.

Thank you so much for sharing these great stories.

So cute! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun with the new kitten.


My, but Miss Polly is really growing! She's still adorable. But I can just imagine how much noise she makes; still, I imagine she keeps Winston young!

She is so cute! She must love sliding across your beautiful hardwood floors!

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