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A room of her own...

As I wrote yesterday, Sara has now moved into residence. She doesn't actually have a room of her own though, but that is by choice - she decided she wanted a double room for social reasons. I think it was a wise choice.

Here are some photos...

The residence building (isn't it gorgeous!):

The foyer (marble stairs and all):

The stairs (there is an elevator, but it was too crowded on this check-in day):

The hallway (off the main corridor):

The view from the window (she's obviously not facing the street, so at least won't have road noise to contend with):

The room (which is way bigger than we were expecting, 10ft by 20ft, maybe):


Her roommate (a girl from Toronto, who seems very nice and friendly):

Me and my Sara getting ready to say good-bye (look, I'm not even crying...yet!):

Sara and Miss Ninja:

Their parting quite overwhelmed me...

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I didn't realize that was Miss Ninja in the stairwell...I'm afraid she looks like a college student, too!


Jill, I know! She only turned twelve last February, how can she possibly look this mature??? It's very traumatic for me, as her mother, to see all these curves breaking out!!

Beautiful dorm! The photo of the view from the window reminded me of Hogwarts at first! Looks like she had a nice big room. That always helps when having to share. I enjoyed seeing all of the photos. What is she studying?


She's planning to major in Theatre/Costume Design, or possibly English. (Her foundation year courses can be applied to either of those degrees.)

Girasoli is right - it does look like Hogwarts in that photo! It's a beautiful building. And her roommate looks like a very nice girl.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, the residence looks very nice and her new roomy seems really nice too. What a great experience for her.

Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos.

Thank you for sharing these photos with us. You have two beautiful daughters. The last photo is so sweet and says so much about sister love.


Anne, this dorm looks really lovely (that room is about 3 times the size of my room at U of C back in the olden days!)

Sara is going to have such a wonderful time, you must be so proud! (And I also can't believe Ms Ninja is only 12! Mind you, you look more like their sister than their mom!)

We're both having emotional times with our children. :) I seem to have been having them all this year.

So I just stopped by this morning - I have to get up now and go off to work, to wonder how you were feeling. :)


Oh thanks Sandra, what a lovely compliment!

I am incredibly proud of both my gorgeous girls...even if I am traumatized by their maturity!

Oh it looks so nice! It brings back such good memories from my own two years in the dorms. I am a very social person so for me it was perfect! Her studies sound really cool too.


Apparently her room is one of the biggest in her house, lucky or what?! Dal also "clusters" students according to their study programs, with each cluster having its own student advisor. Seems like there is so much more support for students than there ever was when I want to university...this is a good thing!

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