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Are you all packed and ready?

Annie asked if I was all packed and ready...I've only two days left and my answer is still: "no, I haven't even brought my suitcase up from the basement". Oops...did I mention that I am a horrible procrastinator?! From the moment I spontaneously bought my air ticket a few months ago, I have been floating along in some kind of "everything will miraculously fall into place without much effort on my part" state for this trip. And, I have to say, so far this is working out ok for me! And is exactly what I need right now...not much planning, just time away, in beautiful Florence. There is much I want to see and do...but this journey is about relaxing and rejuvenating my weary soul, not rushing from sight to sight. I might spend all my days wandering through Florence, or I might take a few daytrips to places such as Arezzo, Pistoia, Lucca, Bologna. I won't know until I get there and let the impulses flow through me!

And I'm really looking forward to my time in Venice too! Maria graciously said "you probably have things you want to see" in case I wanted to venture off on my own...but I said I'm happy to just wander around and explore whatever we come across. I haven't got my heart irrevocably set on any "must sees"...it's all about being there. Although I'm all for her Obama gondolier project - that could be too much fun, if we can manage it!

It suddenly hit me this weekend that there are only three business days left before I leave, and I haven't any euro to bring with me. They have bank machines in Italy, why is that a big problem, you ask? Well I'll tell you...I have to pay for my apartment up front, on arrival...in cash...800 euro. The ATMs in Italy that I have used have a daily limit of 200 euro per day, so it would take me quite a while to extract enough to pay Franco (the apartment owner) and have spending money. Off to the bank I went yesterday. The teller asks how much I want to purchase. I tell her my amount. Oh, she says, did you order it in advance? Um, no...I reply. "Okaaay, I'll go see if she has any", says the teller, sounding rather dubious about the chance of this out of sight "she" having such a quantity of euro. A few minutes later, she comes back with good news - I'm in luck, someone had just turned in a bunch of euro today! The teller apologies because they are mostly 20 euro bills...I said, no problem, I'll take what I can get! So my procrastinating ways have not yet sunk my trip! (At least I wasn't cashing in a ton of coin this time!)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I think you have a terrific plan. One of the greatest things about Italy is that you can have no particular plans and yet you are guaranteed a fabulous time! I am still hoping you and Maria will do the Gondala Obama Team ride.:)

Glad everything is working out for you! And soon the "girl on the plane" is on her way to beautiful Florence & Venice Italy! Yay!

I think "floating along" is a great approach. I hope that everything continues to flow for you, just like the good luck with getting the euros even though you didn't order them. And I bet you'll get lots of soul renewal once you're there looking at art and churches!

There's something very relaxing about visiting places you've been before. I think that's one reason I keep going to Venice over and over.

I'm so excited for you!


Kathy & Annie - so true that Italy is wonderful with or without plans. I cannot wait to settle into my apartment on Friday evening and have all those days stretching ahead of me just waiting to be filled with everything or nothing...I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

Your plan sounds a lot like mine, places to see when the mood is right but nothing written in stone. The beauty of returning to a familiar place is that you feel a sense of familiarity and belonging along with a feeling of being a bit Italian while there.

I know we're going to be excellent wandering companions.

Have a smooth flight and I'll call you in about 11 days.

Oh my gosh - I am very envious. :)

Anne, I am soooo excited for you!! WOW, 2 days! I definitely understand the "everything will miraculously fall into place without much effort on my part" method. I did a little too much of that before my last trip, but so far, like you, it has always worked out. Good luck packing!!


Maria, I think we will be too! (Hopefully my phone will work, but if not, I'll call you from a payphone or something.)

Leslie, are you envious of my laziness or my trip?! ;)

girasoli, so far, so good! I'm supposed to be packing tonight, although Sara's coming home for the night to see me before I go, so I have a feeling I'll be zipping up the suitcase tomorrow just in time to lug it out to the car!


Anne, I see from your countdown clock that you leave tomorrow, yay!!!!!

I think your plan to just relax and enjoy Italy sounds great - very relaxing.

If you get time to blog a bit here and there, it would be great to hear how the trip is going.
Have a fabulous time!

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