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My first book...

Seems a certain someone has decided that if she keeps harassing me about writing a book, I will, in fact, write one, if only to shut her up! Well I have to tell you, she can be reeeaaalllllyy persuasive and alas, I can withstand the pressure no longer...

Ok Valerie, my oh-so-persistent friend, here in your honour...making its public debut...is my very first book. Oh, I just know it will be a best seller...

The Man That Had Long Hair

Chapter 1: The one-eyed, sharp-headed monster

Chapter 2: The rain covered the windows
Chapter 3: The moon and the snow on the roof

Chapter 4: Fire crackers flying from the sky
Chapter 5: A monster

Chapter 6: Magazine rack
Chapter 7: Window with a four on it

Chapter 7: the little girl on an airplane
Chapter 8: Sun shining over garbage

Sorry, couldn't resist! I just found this little booklet today while looking for something else. It's from January 1969, a couple months before I turned four. I even remember creating it. My sitter Gretchen (who I absolutely adored), wrote the name of each drawing for me, and put a fastener through the pages to make it into a book. I don't know how Gretchen could have kept a straight face while I named these drawings...I mean, "window with a four on it"?! I wonder where "the little girl on an airplane" was flying. Although my personal favourite is "Sun shining over garbage"...egad, what a strange child I was.

By the way, Gretchen's son, Joel, and I were inseparable...and we were always trying to ditch the other kids that Gretchen looked after, and head off on our own. So apparently I've never been one for playing in a crowd! ;)

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You had quite an imagination as a child! I like your one-eyed sharp-headed monster :)


Yeah, ole one-eye is a classic, for sure!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, the little girl on an airplane! You were destined to travel! :)
Have a great weekend!


Kathy, I'm sure she must be on her way to Italy!

Awww! I have a drawing from when I was two of Humpty Dumpty!


Love your first release! What creativity and imagination! Some pages are prophetic... magazine rack for the future reader, girl on an airplane for the traveler... my favorite page is the window with a 4...:) How cool is that?



Thought it was time to finally post a comment since I have been featured several times. I am very impressed with this amazing creation! A definite best seller! Just to let you know, this won't really shut me up though - there are many books inside you just crying to come out.


Leslie, I shall look for it on your blog!

Eden, thanks, I must have known I'd fall in love with travelling!

Valerie, yes it IS about time you made a personal appearance in my comment section! (But damn, I thought for sure this masterpiece would shut you up!)


Great Scott! I remember this too. I love it!! My personal faves are the "sun shining over garbage" and "the man that had long hair". What wonderful memories... I had almost forgotten what a crazy little kid you were. (BTW, I mean that in the most affectionate way.) And of course I would never forget how cute you were.... seeing as you still are!

The little girl on an airplane is on her way to Italy, no doubt about it!

Aren't you glad you still have this masterpiece?!?


Oh big sisters...I love your comments, Lynn!

Annie, I am thrilled to have it! And what fun I had sharing it in this entry, I'm glad the photos turned out so well.)

Oh Anne, I love this post! You had quite an imagination! I love them all, especially the names you gave to each drawing.
Three days! I'm so excited for you and looking forward to your arrival in Venice. We're going to have a blast!

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