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Three times a charm...er, make that eight times

Hello, my name is Anne and I'm a Mamma Mia-oholic...

I ask myself (in incredulous tones) how on earth is it possible that I have gone to see this movie eight times??!! And have thoroughly enjoyed it eight times??!!! I was never an ABBA fan, so I remain a tad mystified as to why I adore this musical so much, but adore it I do ("say I do...I do, I do, I do, I do...")

My record so far:

1. Premiere night - I went with Sara, Miss Ninja and Tricia. Right off the bat, I was hooked...I didn't yet know many of the lyrics, but that would soon change after I bought the soundtrack.

2. I was visiting with my mom after church that same weekend and she mentioned that she wanted to see the movie. Oh I could watch it again, I said, let's go right now!...so we did. Miss Ninja came with us, but Sara went to the Dark Knight instead.

3. Tricia, Sara and I had another viewing shortly thereafter. It was on this occasion that Tricia and I got up and danced in the theatre...much to Sara's dismay, although she later told me it wasn't so much the dancing as the clapping that made her move a couple seats away from us. (And, as I wrote before, Miss Ninja hung her head in shame when I told her about our dancing in public.) Tricia and I talked about what fun a church fundraiser this would be - a Mamma Mia night! I agreed saying ooo, I want to be Donna!

4. My sister, Lynn, mentioned that she and my niece were going to see this delightful romp of music and foolishness...duh, obviously I had to join them. (This time, both Sara and Miss Ninja opted for the Dark Knight instead though...imagine!) Lynn, my niece, her friend and I sang our hearts out and had a grand ole time though.

5. Valerie emailed to see if I wanted to go with her. Oh sure, I said, I'd love to see it again ('cause, you know, four times wasn't enough...)

6. Lynn and I decided to take the girls again...this time they were the ones up dancing. (They'd chosen to sit a couple rows away from us - apparently it is ok to do these goofy things as long as you're not with your mother...)

7. Tricia mentioned that she and two friends were going...so the girls and I joined them, because as Tricia said, the more, the merrier. Tricia had brought boas, and she and her friends and I danced around with those. The movie really is so much better as an interactive experience! During Dancing Queen, we even sachayed down through the theatre, singing and waving the boas just like the cast in the movie - there were a lot of women who very clearly wanted to join us but were too embarrassed. It was a hoot! We even got a round of applause. Miss Ninja was not amused...

8. We were hanging out at Valerie's house after church yesterday and Valerie mentioned that one of her daughters had not yet seen Mamma Mia. Gasp!!! This must be remedied at once...so off we go again. During the first song, this daughter (a teenager) leaned over and asked "are you two going to be singing through the whole movie?" Um yeah...we'll be singing along to every song. "But we're in a theatre, that's so embarrassing!" she moaned. Too bad, so sad, I'm singing anyway! Afterward, Valerie said how fun it would be if we did a Mamma Mia dinner theatre or something for the church. Hey, what a coincidence, I said, Tricia and I had the same idea. I would be SO up for such a fundraiser, that would be a blast. Valerie's daughter was rather alarmed at the prospect of such a spectacle, though, and said to her "mum, if you play one of the old ladies, no WAY am I coming to watch." Oh the things our children have to put up with...it's good for them, builds character ;)

9. Stay tuned, at the rate I'm going, I just might go see it again! (But maybe I'd better wait for the DVD to come out...especially since I've run out of 2 for 1 coupons for the theatre...)

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I am in hysterics!! I can just picture you dancing in the aisles and I haven't even seen it yet! Too bad I can't buzz on up there...it could be number 9 for you.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, eight times, Wow! I wish you lived close to me . . . then it would be 9 times! :)

I still laugh about the back of the movie theatre handclapping, singing and dancing story . . . :)

Have a great evening!


Oh, wouldn't a Mamma Mia GTG be too much fun!!! Now that would be a memorable occasion!

Too funny, Anne! You had me laughing so hard in number 7. I would have loved to be there with you, boa and all!

A Mamma Mia GTG in Venice?

This is a hilarious story!


María, that would be a hoot! We could wear long flowing scarves and drape ourselves across the bow of a vaporetto singing "Money, money, money..." :)

I still hope to find a room in Venice for at least a couple nights while you're there. (My trip planning got pushed to the side the last couple weeks getting the girls ready for university and school, but now I'll be able to get back to it!)

Annie - thanks!


Anne, come visit Ottawa and we'll go together! That will make #9 for you and a mere #2 for me.

I am intrigued by the interactive showing of the movie -- I went to a sing-along Sound of Music several years ago at a local theatre. EVERYONE dressed as their favourite character, sang, booed and hissed at the Baroness -- and I won a bottle of champagne in a draw. It was fabulous!


Sandra, that would be so cool! I love the Sound of Music (coincidentally, we watched it Sunday afternoon before going to Mamma Mia.) Alas, we were the only interactive ones at this movie - it would have been much more energizing if the whole crowd got into it!


Too cool! How funny. I have seen it twice so far, the second time was the sing along edition (where they put the subtitles of the songs on the screen) and it was FUN! Everyone was singing - except for a few people who I think were surprised that this was a sing along...

LOL at the interactive Sound of Music. Who knew? The only interactive movie I've been to was Rocky Horror (and that was many years ago!).


Annie, I LOVE Rocky Horror...been to many an interactive showing of that movie! (in a previous life, of course...heaven forbid the mother of Miss Ninja should be seen in public doing the Time Warp! lol)

Interactive sing along is the best thing in the world! Like today, I am feeling a little stressed - a sing along movie would have been PERFECT!


oh no, sorry to hear you are having a stressful day. I'll bet you could use a mood-lifting telepathic singalong with all your ST pals, couldn't you!

All together now!! For Chiocciola:

"Mamma Mia...here I go again.
My! My! How can I resist ya?
Mamma Mia...does it show again?
My! My! Just how much I missed ya..."


Thanks Anne!! That is so sweet. I need to buy the soundtrack - I actually went and bought the soundtrack to the play version, because Lisa Stokke, who played Sophie in London, is Norwegian. But there are a lot of the movie songs that I like better - and I love the "Thank you for the music" track.

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