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White Point Resort

A few photos from my recent overnight staff retreat at White Point Resort on Nova Scotia's gorgeous South Shore.

Unfortunately all I had for a camera was my cell phone, which I turned off and left in the cottage for the evening, so I have no photos of the "team building" exercises...you know, wine drinking, bonfire on the beach, roasting marshmallows, MUCH laughter and foolishness, playing in the surf fully clothed at midnight, drinking more wine, getting pushed into the outdoor pool (after I'd changed into my one remaining dry pair of jeans), playing pool and shuffleboard, going swimming in the outdoor pool at 3:30 in the morning (hey, I was already wet, why not?!)

Yes, we did actually do "real" staff development stuff during the day - although personally I think the above activities are much stronger team builders than all the facilitated sessions in the world. But in this case, we had fun during the formal sessions too. We did Myers-Briggs personality typing. I've done it before and scored as an INTP (slight on the T), but this time scored as INFP (slight on the F) and after reading quite extensively on both, I have to say the INFP fits me better. Does anyone else know what their MB type is?

There are bunny rabbits all over the place at this resort, which will eat out of your hand (sometimes two at a time!) And you can even get all the free bags of bunny food you want from the front desk.

But here are the photos I took inside ocean front cottage #19, and of the views from the veranda of my cottage:















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Gee - we had staff Friday morning "morning tea" this morning. There was dip and bought-very-ordinary cake.

You got to have a holiday!

Wow what a beautiful place! And so much fun! We had a four day training course with work last week and it went well, but no midnight swimming!! Plus the karaoke, which I had ordered for entertainment the last night, did not work!!

I am a ENFJ in Myers Briggs. Extrovert, intuition, feeling, judging. So quite different from you!! I was extreme on the extraversion and the feeling.

I am so pleased for you. :)

You are going to have such a good time! :)

Not long now, and I can't believe you are going to meet up with a friend. It's going to be so good!


Leslie, I'm having "it can NOT possibly be this Thursday that I leave" panic thinking of all that I have to do before I go!

On the other hand...WOOOOHHOOOO, I can't wait to leave on Thursday!!!!!!

(If I get nothing else done, I have at least made it to my local Elections Canada office and cast my special ballot against Stephen Harper in the upcoming federal election!)

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