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Who ARE those crazy women??!

Alas, it seems I am becoming a constant source of embarrassment to Miss Ninja. And for a change, Mamma Mia was not involved this time!

There was an Ecumenical community service (all faiths) this afternoon. This service is an annual event usually held in conjunction with Waverley Gold Rush Days (the annual celebration of the village's bygone days of gold.) This year, the music was provided by the Bedford United Church youth group's band ReGenesis. They played at my church once, and I so enjoyed their performance that I bought their CD (they weren't selling for profit, they were raising funds to attend a big choir gathering in Toronto.) I listened to this CD a lot over the past year (hearing those young voices raised in joyful song really lifted my spirits when it was low.) So I was definitely looking forward to seeing them again.

So, there we are at the Legion...the music starts...the leader of the youth group tells everyone to get up on their feet, and quite a few people did, including us. I have a notion Valerie and I were among the more enthusiastic in the crowd though...we were dancing, doing the actions along with the songs, and singing loudly all the words we knew. Sitting just beside us, Valerie's daughter whispers to my daughter, in embarrassed tones, "oh man, look at our mothers"...my gal slouches in her chair and answers "I know, I don't even want to know them"...

Of course if the girls were just there by themselves, they would have been front and centre with enthusiasm...but when their mothers are around, apparently they are too cool for such antics. Funny, funny girls. I love them both dearly!

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