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I have weight issues...

I am finally packed.

This is a miracle.

I packed, weighed my bags, unpacked, repacked, weighed my bags, unpacked...the cycle continued a couple more times. I will not repeat the words that came out of my mouth during this time...frustrated is an understatement! I really didn't have that much in the bag, why oh why does it keep weighing in too heavy. Surely I can fit in ONE book to read on the plane?? (I will concede that 3 guidebooks, a leather bound journal, 2 novels, and an Italian-English phrasebook was likely pushing things just a bit, though...)

Suddenly the lights went on in the attic of my brain - my baggage allowance is 20 kgs - my scales are in pounds - hallelujah, I am saved from the weight police!!!! I still have tons of room, in fact about double what I thought - woohoo, back in go the books! (well I did pare it down to 2 guidebooks, my journal, one novel and the phrasebook...one of the guidebooks is the official Uffizi Guide, which is not exactly lightweight, but I know I'll be wanting to refer to it when spending time in this museum, and since I have a membership again this trip, I know I'll be making more than one visit!)

I only had to make one trip to the drugstore in order to finish my packing - my facial moisturizer was in a 120 ml container. Of course the carry-on liquid restricts me to 100 ml containers only - rats! I'd pack it in my checked bag, but I dare not chance losing it. (I don't want to spend my entire vacation with an itchy rash on my face from using a product my skin doesn't like...and I never know when my skin will decide to play prima donna and overreact to some seemingly innocuous product.) I also got a new toothbrush, lip balm (to which I am addicted), and dental floss.

I have packed uber-casual clothes only - jeans and v-neck t-shirts, one pair of shorts (just in case), pyjamas, socks & undies, sandels and flip-flops (for lounging around the apt - I like bare feet but not sure about strange floors!), toiletries, first aid kit, camera, cell phone (still don't know if that will work, I'll keep you posted), my prayer shawl, documents, alarm clock/radio...other stuff that I can't think of and left my list upstairs. The Universal Packing List - gotta love it if you're too lazy to make up your own like I am! Oh a zippered fleece sweater, my Goretex jacket to see me through any and all weather that comes my way, and am wearing my Dunham walking shoes.

Sigh...now I can relax and wait for Dave to get home from work and take me to the airport for my 7:15pm flight. 3 hrs, 38 minutes to go!!

(I live 5 minutes away from the airport - lest you are reading this and thinking what the heck is she still doing at home when there's less than 4 hours until her flight is scheduled to leave!)


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Yay for packing miracles! I always have a hard time with books too...which to take and which to leave. Plus I always end up buying more of them. Clothes are easier to choose.

I saw on Kathy's blog that you've booked a Yotel - I can't wait to hear about that! I've seen them and wondered what they are like.

Okay, countdown almost complete. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, exciting and soul-renewing time in bella Italia!


You'll be in Italy by the time you read this -- but I hope you had a great flight (and I'll be curious to hear about the Yotel!)

Have a wonderful time in Italy!

I'm only 15 minutes from my airport. Hey - thinking of you! :)

3 guidebooks, a leather bound journal, 2 novels, and an Italian-English phrasebook is NOT pushing things. In fact, I consider that packing light. :-D

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I missed this entry before you left! You're probably in your Yotel by now or possibly in Florence. Like Annie said, I am so interested in hearing about that experience.

I love your packing conversations with yourself. For me things go in and out several times before I am satisfied with the end result. It sounds like you pulled it off very nicely!

Hope you're having a wonderful time already. I'm sure you are, becuase you're in Italy! Enjoy and safe travels!

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