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Inspiring thoughts...

The following is from Valerie's weekly "Thursday Thoughts" email to our congregation. Her thoughts this week really resonated with me. I found them very beautiful and inspiring...a good reminder to let God's light shine into me even when (or maybe I should say especially when) I am feeling tired from jetlag, cranky from missing people, cold in body and mind from the change in climate from Italy to home. A reminder to appreciate and celebrate what I have, instead of whining about what I don't have...

"This sun is shining and the leaves are brilliant, at least for another few days. It is a day that speaks of warmth of spirit and of new life taking root that will wait and be nurtured until the life giving waters of spring. These are my thoughts for today:

I woke up this morning
Confronted by the normal sounds
Of house and home.
Alarm clock ringing; children clamouring;
Breakfast cooking; coffee perking.
In the car and on the road
Confronted by God’s creation

Brilliant colours
Blue… the sky above
Red, rust, gold and green…
The carpet beneath.

A day made to soothe the soul
And calm the stormy seas.
The beauty wrapped me in a blanket
Of security and serenity
I knew for one brief moment
The Kingdom.

May the sun of God’s creation shine in through your windows and into the windows of your souls touching the inner most parts of your being with light and hope and love."

After reading this, I was certainly feeling the love, the light, the hope. And feeling great joy and thankfulness for the love of my family and my friends, for being filled with the Spirit, for the wonders of this glorious world of ours (including the wonders of my own gorgeous Nova Scotia, as well as those of la bella Italia!)

Hopefully her words will lift your spirits also.

The sun of God's creation shining in nature (images from Florence):



...and shining in friendship :)


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Very inspiring thoughts...and those photos, WOW! This post definitely lifts my spirits, so thanks!


Annie, glad to hear it! I actually have several photos of the sun behind that cloud, it was incredible watching the play of light as the cloud changed shape. Heavenly rays always lift my spirits!

Thinking of you!.

I have gained 3 kilos - from eating all my ice cream.

Happy Hallowe'en! :)

I think ice cream is a great breakfast. I am having peach for breakfast this morning!

I'm going to make two new flavors this morning. But I haven't decided which ones. :)

Hey Anne, hope everything is ok. Haven't heard from you in a while...


thanks girasoli, I'm so touched by your concern. All is well, just busy with Halloween and getting back into the groove at work and at home, I guess. Feels like I haven't stopped since I got home from Florence...on the other hand doesn't seem like I've accomplished much of anything either!

Glad to hear all is fine. It is always so difficult to get caught up after a vacation. Happy Belated Halloween!!

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