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Getting back in the groove...

Greetings to all my blog friends! I've been so out of the online loop since I got back from Italy. Hope all is well with all of you. My fingers are crossed for an Obama victory tomorrow for those of you to the south!

There is not a lot new going on with me lately...I've been spending much time holding friends and family in my heart. The days since my return have been touched by sadness, but also moments of joy.

My uncle (by marriage-subsequent divorce) just passed away, so my first cousins have lost their father. The service last week was a celebration of his life though, rather than a sad funeral, which was a better way to say good-bye...although of course there were still lots of tears along with the laughter. He'd had a lucid moment in the hospital just prior to his death, and was able to say some words that brought great peace to his youngest daughter, with whom I have always felt close even though we see each other rarely...she said it was the best gift he could have given her.

I want to ask everyone to keep my friend Tricia in your hearts and prayers. Tricia recently lost her beautiful young niece in a tragic accident, and was in much pain last week when she left to travel home to be with her family. I was able to give her a prayer shawl from the prayer shawl ministry at my church (and even more special, it was one that I had knit myself) and know she felt comforted in its embrace.

There have also been celebrations. Today is my sister's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LYNN!!! We celebrated my grandmother's 85th birthday on Sunday, so will celebrate Lynn's birthday next week in combination with my mom's birthday (with my niece's b'day soon to follow in early Dec.) Lynn's day was tinged with missing Floyd, who was such a celebrator of life's occasions. She and I got together at lunchtime and had a lovely walk around Halifax's beautiful South End.

And Halloween of course is always fun. M and K cooked up plans to trick or treat together (gee, what a surprise!). Valerie and I started out walking around with the girls, but soon decided they were old enough not to need packmules, so ditched them and went back to her house. M and I had been both going to stay overnight, but Valerie got a call from a young woman who really needed her care and support. I was welcome to stay anyway, but just didn't seem like a good time for a late night of visiting, so I went home. Ah, friendship with a minister...it's not the usual fare. But hey, I have passed her "true test of friendship: spending time with her husband" so gosh, we must be bonded for life now! :) lol

So that's what I've been up to. I promise to get some photos up as soon as I find time to sort through and resize them. I did get some up on facebook already, because I can upload 60 at a time in original size...but of course that doesn't do my SlowTrav friends any good! Alas ST is rather more cumbersome when comes to uploading photos.

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Good to hear from you and learn that you're getting back in the groove. Sympathy to you and your family.

About the photos, I've started uploading mine to Flickr and then linking to my blog. It's super easy and much faster. I've never been on Facebook so I don't know if there is something similar you can do?

Thanks for crossing your fingers for Obama! Today's the today, finally!

Hi Anne,

Sorry to hear of the sadness in your life. Sympathies to everyone.

I was invited to facebook the other day but am very leery of joining. I guess I need to find out more first. I dont' know why it seems to be such a mystery since blogging is so normal to me.

Happy Birthday to Lynn!!

Go Obama!! Glad your fingers are crossed...every bit helps :)



Annie, I don't think I'd link to facebook because it is under my real name and I tend to stay relatively anonymous on my blog. But will check out Flickr. Thanks for the tip! :)

girasoli, did ya not read my Facebook entry, girl?! Run away, run away!!! Just kidding, it's actually not a bad way to keep in touch with people near and far. I am often amused by my friends current "status" - for example: "Andrea has stinky feet" was one friend's status yesterday...maybe I'm just easily amused, but that gave me a laugh (and laughter is always a good thing in my day!)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, first I'm very sorry to hear about your sad news. My thoughts and prayers go out to Tricia and to your other family members during this difficult time.

Happy belated Birthday to your sister!

Glad to see you back posting. And you probably already heard that we have our next President of the United States. We're all very happy.


Thanks Kathy - we are all thrilled at the election results too!!

G'day! We have spent the last two weeks rehearsing our school concert item and put it on twice yeasterday. I didn't get home until 9pm. I'm tired!

I am resting up after an unpleasant October.

It's report writing time so I am proofreading reports now.

I discovered audio books a few months ago and am SO enjoying listening to them as I drive. The site I have for free ones is librivox.org

I got several free ones from the itunes store as well - all the Jane Austens, some on podcasts.


Anne, I'm so sorry to read about your loss, and your friend's loss. It sounds like you have had a lot going on since you returned home!

Hope you are able to post some photos from your trip soon, it will wonderful to see them.

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