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My Florentine home away from home

Here are some photos of the apartment I rented in Florence...

Starting with the street, Via de Barbadori:

Reached by a choice of...


Or stairs:

Welcome to the living room:


Spin around on your heels and hey look, a kitchenette!

The kitchen counter...near the end of my trip (did I mention I drank a lot of wine while there?!)

The wardrobe (also storage for extra pillows and change of linens) and coat rack:

And the bathroom, small but clean and functional:



My view...wish I was leaning out the window gazing upon these rooftops and the dome of Santo Spirito right now (it is snowing here and blowing wildly as I type!)


These next three are not so much for the view, as to give an idea of where the apartment is situated.

The tip top of the Dome:

Thetower on the Palazzo Vecchio:

And from the window on the other side, Pitti Palace:

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Wow the apartment is so nice! What a great place to call home in Florence!

What a great apartment! Great street! Cool stairs! Amazing views! Perfect location! Oooohhhh!!! I want to stay there!! Thanks for posting all of these photos! I miss Florence just looking at them.

Oh my - that was heavenly!


I know - it was really a perfect space for my needs - I'd return in a heartbeat!

Love this post! It looks like such a great place, and I love your photos. I especially love the fruit and the wine with such beautiful labels, so very Italian to me! And those red roofs of Italy...sigh. I can' wait to be back there.


Annie, I love the wine & fruit photo too! Oh, you must be getting so excited, only a couple more weeks to go!! I better get some of my Venice photos posted to get you in the mood :)

Yes! I'd love to see some of them. Like Kathy, I'm flipping between "woo hoo" and "yikes" as I think about how much I have to do to get ready to go. But I'm psyched!


Wow -- I love those stairs! What a great little apartment, and the views are spectacular!

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