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Venice photos...1 of 3

In honour of Annie's upcoming trip, here are a few of my (many!) photos taken last month in Venice. (I'm breaking the pile into three posts just in case anyone has dial-up or a slow connection for any other reason.)

The well-head in Campo S. Marziale, just near Corte Trapolin where Maria's rented apartment was:

A gorgeous building around Campo S. Marziale (a man opened the window after I took the photo and glared sternly at me...apparently he didn't care to have his home photographed!):

Here I am on the way to meet Maria!

Corte Trapolin, Maria's apartment is on the left:

And here's the apartment door:

Gondolas (cliche, but still lovely!)

Paper mache "masks"...not just for faces anymore!

"The" clock:

Details of the facade of Basilica San Marco:



Sunlight reflecting through the openings on the Doge's Palace:

A sampling of Venetian seafood:

A display of Murano glass, I loved the swirling colours in these pieces:

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Wow, great photos!! Funny butt mask! Is it for the butt or for the face? Sorry...have never seen one of these before.

I love your clock photo! I could never get a shot with the right lighting.

Great basilica photos...again love the lighting.

I also love the seafood and the glass. :)

Awesome! Thanks so much, these are just so wonderful! You really did capture some amazing light and colors. Love that well-head and that corte is so charming, what a great place to stay. I really love those glowy angel wings on the Basilica, well I love all of them. The glass is gorgeous. And the "mask" is hilarious - I bet you were cracking up when you saw that! Thanks for posting these...it really makes me excited!


Thanks! And yes that mask totally cracked me up! I'm not actually sure where exactly one would wear such a crazy thing, though. I never saw another like it, just this one.

Wonderful photos! :)


Anne, these are wonderful photos -- the sky looks so blue, you must have had beautiful weather!

"Your" neighborhood looks so lovely and San Marco, fantastic!


Awesome photos! Such a beautiful city. And the seafood picture is really nice!

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