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Venice photos...2 of 3

This is me raising a glass to my family back home in Nova Scotia, who were celebrating Thanksgiving Day:

In Canneregio, near San Marcuola:

Maria standing in Sotoportego Fondamenta del Rio Novo (I think):

Near Fondamenta del Rio Novo (perhaps San Nicolo da Tolentino?) UPDATE: Annie recognized this as the entrance to the church and scuola of San Giovanni Evangelista.

A couple of shrines:


Through the archway on the left is Corte Trapolin:

A captivating piece of graffiti:

A bridge without railings (wouldn't want to navigate this in the dark after too many glasses of wine!):

A cool and unusual shrine on the wall of a boat repair yard:

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These are so great to see! :)

I can't tell you how much I love seeing these! You really found some great stuff! Love that last shrine - I've never seen that one; it's another one that's vaguely "First Nation" or something other than typical Catholicism, I love it!

Here's some bridge trivia, there are only two without railings...the one you found and the other is out on Torcello so very cool that you found that one!

The graffiti IS intriquing; I wonder who is being deported?

Oh, and the archway with the eagle...that is the entrance to the church and scuola of San Giovanni Evangelista. What a beautiful place.

Thanks for posting these!

Interesting that the graffiti words are written in English. The bridge without railings is so pretty. Where abouts was it? I am really enjoying all of your photos!!


The bridge was off Fondamenta della Misericordia (I think), and looked to be a private bridge.

The tribal looking shrine is somewhere between Misericordia and Madonna dell'Orto...as was the dangling Santa.

Annie, thanks for the info on the eagle arch!


Wonderful shrines, and I love the rail-less bridge!

The graffiti makes me think of Donna Leon novel. She often works in themes of protest against arbitrary actions...actually, I guess that's the way her hero Brunetti thinks!

Wonderful! And very cool that our own Venice expert Annie can identify stuff for us!

It's funny but it didn't even dawn on me that the graffiti is in English until I read Girasoli's comment! Even more intriguing...is the US or Canada or the UK deporting Venetians and sending them back to Venice?! LOL.

Sandra is right, it's a case for Brunetti!


It does sound like Brunetti, doesn't it? I just noticed that the graffiti is bilingual - the date is in Italian.

Beautiful shots!

I had camera envy because yours took such wonderful nighttime pictures while mine didn't want to cooperate.

The lion picture brought back some great memories of the night we ate that delicious dinner at the Casin de Nobili and walked from the Accademia to an almost deserted San Marcos. It was a wonderful day that turned into a gorgeous full moon night.

I haven’t yet started to organize my pictures but as soon as I get my act together I’ll post the Venice photos first.

Yay for more Venice photos!

Venice is very walkable and there is no other way to actually see the city.

Nice photos. Some more here


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