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Yotel? Do tell...

(Yeah, I know that doesn't rhyme, but whatever...)

And here are the photos you've all been waiting for...the Yotel room at Gatwick.

This is actually a great place to spend a layover in London, in my opinion (keeping in mind that I've nothing to compare it to, so I maybe not be your best source of advice!) Not so good for those of a claustrophobic nature though I shouldn't think, since the space is really more of a cubicle than a hotel room. But I found it perfect for my needs.

Decent bed (not to die for or anything, but reasonably comfy) with good quality sheets and a duvet, clean washroom with the BEST shower head ever, various lighting options, temperature control, power outlets, wi-fi, TV with internet, room service options (which I didn't try so can't say if any good or not), fold away desk and stool, overhead luggage rack, and location, location, location (right in the South Terminal of Gatwick, and very near the coffee/snack bar.)

Prices are reasonable, I suppose, although again I have nothing to compare them to. Based on what I have read of London's hotel prices, the Yotel cost felt reasonable to me. Especially considering the extreme convenience factor. My four hour rest break on the way over was £25, and my 13 hour overnight layover coming home cost £59. I imagine the cost of a regular hotel room, plus transportation to/from the airport, would have been considerably more than that.

Here are some photos:

Taken while sitting in the bed looking at the door (left) and washroom:

The overhead luggage rack (and my lovely new purse on the hook):

Desk with shower area in the background (gives a sense of how narrow the room is):

Foldaway desk, power outlets, climate control at the top:

The impressive shower head - fantastic pressure, but so soft...it's magiiiic:

The bed (the TV is on the wall at the foot of the bed):

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Wow! I'm impressed! Looks good to me.

This is such a great idea! Too bad these aren't available in more airports. The size of the room doesn't look that much smaller than a couple of single rooms I have stayed in before, of course those are not hotels I plan on staying in again, but for a short airport stay to kill time, it is much better than a chair in the airport. Oh, and I love your purse!!


Thanks for these photos -- I've always wondered what these rooms are like. Not bad at all! And the price is right.

And I like your purse!

Very cool. Looks very mod and clean. Definitely worth the price.

And I LOVE the new purse!


I'd definitely book again if have another layover in London (or should say WHEN I next have a layover in London!)

The purse is amazingly roomy but lightweight, it fits perfectly under one's arm, and the leather is oh so soft. I am SO glad I bought it!


Thanks so much for this review! I really wondered what the yotel was like. It looks really comfy, in a train compartment kind of way. Definitely something I would try.

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