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Goofin' around on the webcam

Oh my, the fun that can be had with a webcam!! Here are a few shots of the girls and I goofing around. A couple from when we first got the computer (which I may possibly have already posted but if so, too bad...you'll just have to look at them again!)



And a couple from Sunday when Sara was home for the evening. Good times...

Apparently "let's frown at the webcam" was a sisterly code phrase for "let's fool mom into frowing at the webcam while we laugh hysterically at her":

Here we are looking in mock-horror at Dave standing on the other side of the computer:

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Pretty funny! The bottom photo is my favorite. You are so lucky to have such a great relationship with your daughters. They are very lucky also!


I sure am lucky, they are both amazing. And we have so much fun when a silly mood overtakes us!

These are hilarious! Looks like a lot of fun. You are all such lovely ladies (even when goofing!). I love Miss Ninja's hoop earrings!


Those are hilarious, what great keepsakes!


Thanks Annie, you're too kind ;)

Sandra, you're right about the keepsakes. It fills my heart to look back at these moments of fun!

Love the photos! Will see if I can make some myself!


Yes Chiocciola, give it a go - it is a marvellous feeling to abandon oneself to silliness!

Well, I really want to but I am having a technology moment - I can't seem to find out how to take photos with my webcam, only video! Will work on it later!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, how fun! They are all so great and I love the one where they fooled you into frowning while they are smiling :)

These shots are so goofy and funny! I like them all but the one where the girls are laughing at you is priceless. My kids would have also done something similar, just to trick me and laugh at me.

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