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More random photos of Italian art

To continue from my previous entry...here are more random art photos taken on my October trip...

Three of the cenacolo's in Florence...
My favourite, Ghirlandaio's fresco in the cloister of Ognissanti:

The one in Sant'Apollonia, which has a weird brooding atmosphere:

And the one in the Carmine church:

Two Annunciation paintings in Santa Trinita:


From Santo Spirito, a Madonna and baby painting by Donnino and Agnolo di Domenico del Mazziere (the so called "Maestro of Santo Spirito" was recently discovered to be these two brothers):

Michelangelo's "other" pieta, in the Bargello:
(The face of Nicodemus is supposedly a self portrait. I did not "get" this sculpture until I saw it in person and found it very moving. I love the way Nicodemus is leaning gently in to support the body of Christ)

The really cool floor near the main entrance of the Duomo in Florence:

And this one is here not so much for the painting as for the painting's title: "Gualdrada, a Florentine Maiden, refuses to kiss Emperor Otto IV" (you go, girl!)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, wow these are all wonderful photos of the art that you were able to see during your visit. Brings back memories of reading your wonderful blog entries.

Thanks so much for posting them. Have a great weekend!

Love these photos. :)

Wow, amazing! Thanks for posting them!!


You're welcome, it's my pleasure to post them! I have one more set of art photos to post, and then think I'll post some pics of trees. While looking back through my photos, I realized I took quite a lot of tree pics for some reason and several are quite lovely.

LOL about the "refusal to kiss" paintings. I think I just got Stendhal Syndrome from looking at your two blog posts with all this amazing art!


I've missed so much on my visits to Florence thus far -- I've never been able to get in to Santo Spirito and just once had about five minutes before closing at Santa Trinita.

Your photos have given me a hint at what I've been missing! I love those Annunications, and the Nicodemus Pieta is very moving. I do love the Bargello!

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