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Who's going to be "lucky" 1,000??

Just noticed that I've received 999 comments on my blog as of right this minute (22:23 December 17 2008.) Which means...the very next comment left on my blog will be my one thousandth!


Ok, so that's probably not very exciting to anyone else, but...hey, I think it's pretty cool. Especially considering that most of the comments were left by the same people. I am grateful to everyone who reads my ramblings but offer special thanks to the following wonderful blog friends:

Kathy (Trekcapri)

Who all leave comments on a very regular basis, which lets me know that I am not just writing words into a void! Because it's such a lift to know people are reading my entries, and that they find my thoughts interesting enough to comment on.

And the above friends have gone beyond merely commenting on the blog. Some privately emailed me words of comfort and caring during my triple whammy of crises earlier in the year, others have emailed to ask if I'm ok when I've been absent from blog-land for a while, and Maria even generously invited me to come stay with her in Venice for a few days this past October. I really appreciate their support and feedback!

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Hooray, round of applause and much hooplah for girasoli!!!!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Whoo Hoo!
Anne, I enjoy reading your blog a lot. You write so well and offer so much for me to ponder. And then there is the occasional fun post that can surprise the heck out of me! :)

Congrats Girasoli for being the lucky 1,000 comment posted.

And congrats on 1,000 comments or should I say 1,001! Have a great day Anne!

Dang! She beat me to it!

But congratulations -I think 1,000 comments is awesome! I too am grateful to everyone in our blogging community. I think blogging would be pretty boring if I was doing it all alone in the internet void - we are lucky to have our ST community!

This is so exciting! This milestone calls for a celebration. How about if you or Girasoli (or both) post a joke? :)

I feel very lucky to be part of the ST blogging community and to know so many caring and interesting people.

I'm so glad that you came up to Venice. It was wonderful to wander around in your company and share our life's stories. I hope one day we can all meet in person and have one of those great ST get togethers. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Dang, I missed it too. Congratulations on your 1,000 comment. It is a fun community.

Yipeeeee...I won! I guess my crazy timezone is good for something :)



Kathy, I am always glad to read your comments and know you find my entries thought provoking.

Annie & Marta, you are so right about ST, it is a blessing to have this community!

Thank you Maria, I too enjoyed our time together. :) It would be cool if we could all meet up someday!

girasoli, I wonder what is the time difference between your zone and mine...6-8 hours? (I'm Atlantic Time.)

Anne, is Atlantic time the same as Eastern Standard Time (like in Boston)? If it is, the time difference is 5 hours in the winter/6 hours in the summer - we don't change our clocks for daylight savings time.

I think it would be so cool for all of us to get together one day!!


Atlantic is another hour from Eastern, so our time difference must be 6hrs/7hrs. Hopefully someday our schedules and bank balances will all be in synch and we can meet up somewhere!


Ooops, sorry I'm late to the party!

Congratulations, Anne, on hitting 1,000 comments and to Girasoli, on being the lucky poster!

I've been surprised how much I enjoy blogging myself over this past year, and how much I enjoy reading other STers' blogs. It really feels like a close-knit community...and we're all so interesting!

Long may you blog, and you deserve all the comments you get - you're fabulous!


I am late to the game but yay I am third! Your blog is very nice! Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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