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A closer look...for Sandra

That is the same collage as the one in my last entry, I'm just including it again as I tell the stories of some of the paintings in it. Oh, how I loved watching my grandmother paint!! Mostly she painted with a knife (or whatever the terminology is...looked like a knife or mini spatula of some kind), using oil paint, I think...was thick and came in tubes anyway, so her paintings are very textured. The paintings in the collage are all hanging in my mom's house. I am blessed to have several in my house also (see this entry if you want to check them out.)

Sandra, since you were intrigued by the painting in the lower right corner, here is a better look. I even remember watching Grammy paint this piece when I was a little girl.


Back to the collage...to the left of the abstract is a painting of Cape Split, Nova Scotia, extending into the Bay of Fundy (must be high tide, since there are no mudflats in sight!) Next are a couple still life paintings of gorgeous flowers. The long, tall one of the roses, mid left side, was painted specifically for that frame...I believe mom had found the antique frame somewhere, so Grammy painted this piece to fit it. The yellow house is one somewhere in Newfoundland, which Grammy painted from a sketch she made when she and Grampy visited that province (they were great wanderers, those two...drove all around North America over the years, trailer in tow. I am envious just imagining their roadtrips. Although in the case of Newfoundland, I will be less envious after this summer, when I finally make it there myself - yay!)

Up in the upper left corner (the sailboats with the colourful sails) is her very first painting ever...we're so thankful that one remains in the family. The two wood scenes to the right were a couple of paintings mom found in Grammy's basement...in her reject pile, if you can imagine. Obviously, she set very high standards for herself if these are the rejects! (I have a couple of her rejects as well...which turned out to be among my favourites.) I'm not sure where the other sailboat painting is located (the one in the upper right corner), except assume somewhere in Nova Scotia. More gorgeous flowers below. And in the middle, a painting of the barn from Grammy's family homestead (former homestead, that is, it's no longer in the family as far as I know.)

Sara seems to have inherited Grammy's artistic abilities...I used to draw quite a lot when I was younger, and was not half bad, but haven't for years. Perhaps when I am retired, I will take up the easel and create a few masterpieces! (In fact, Grammy was nearly self taught, and didn't begin painting until later in life...so I don't give up hope!)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Happy New Year Anne! I love this entry. Your Grammy painted such beautiful pieces. And how wonderful to be able to remember her and enjoy the beauty that she created each time you view one of her many wonderful paintings. Your family is really blessed with such wonderful artistic talent. Maybe you shouldn't wait until retirement to take up the easal.

Thank you so much for sharing your Grammy's wonderful artwork.


Thanks Kathy, we really are very blessed to have so many of her paintings to brighten our lives and remember her by. I hope you had a great time ringing in the New Year with your sister!!


This is a very nice collage. I have always loved Grammie B's paintings. You should post a picture of the "squares" one, which is one of my favourites.

Barb Cabot:

Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories and lovely paintings. They are especially meaningful because they came from your grandmother. What a talented woman.


KellyAnne, thanks - and check my older post for the squares painting (just click the underlined link above where it says "see this entry"). If not there, I'm at a loss...between that entry and this one, I've posted all the paintings in mom's and my houses and can't think of any that are missing. :)

Barb, it's my pleasure to share her beautiful work!

I love her work! I really like that blue city scape with the full moon.

And I agree, don't wait until you retire!

Wow, I just love that painting of the blue city scape with full moon. Thanks for blowing it up so we can see the details. What fun watching her paint and how special!!

I went back to your post on your grandmother's 100th b-day. So sweet to get to know her through your words and see her picture. You're so blessed to have her paintings.

I really love her work, especially the one you featured here and the sailboats with the colorful sails.

I'l like to see you creating masterpieces soon and writing about your artistic process. Maybe a video, like Angie used to do in her atelier. ;)


Maria, she was a wonderful and wise grandmother. And yes, very talented - I can only hope to be half as good if I take up painting myself!


Anne, thanks for the blowup of the blue night scene, that really is marvelous. Your mom is fortunate to have it!

And don't wait for retirement to take up the brush or pen -- it would be great to see some of your work, now!


Thanks Sandra, I would really love to take up one (or both) of those challenges. One of these days, I'll stop procrastinating and just do it!

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