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Cool visitor stats...

Just looking through my photos and came across a couple screen shots I'd taken from sitemeter one day last year when I was amazed and excited to see how far flung my readers are:



I thought it was pretty cool to see so many countries. And I think I recognize a couple of the locations as those of regular readers, so that's fun too! I actually changed from Sitemeter to StatCounter when Sitemeter went all wonky at one point last year, but might change back because I do like the list of countries! Statcounter has a map, but not a summary like this, or not that I have seen. Some are likely one time hits, I get a lot of those from people google searching "let us go then" because Prufrock is such a well known poem, but that Israeli city shows up fairly regularly on my stats, as do many of the others. There are visitors from other interesting places too (like Russia and Norway), but the top 20 locations is all that showed on that front page at the time.

Also thought it was cool that someone came to my blog through google translate and read it in Italian. (Like I've said before, it really and truly doesn't take much to amuse me!)


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Oooh, your site looks very cool in Italian!


Sandra, I know, doesn't it? You can see why I had to capture that screen for posterity!

It really does look cool in Italian!

I love your Italian blog name! You should have had my dot in Hawaii but for some reason, I show up in the midwest somewhere. Not sure what is up with that, but I do show up from the right place on other blog stat programs. I love checking out what foreign countries have been visiting me also.


girasoli, when I look at my map in Stat Counter (the stat program I switched to), I do see a dot in Hawaii, so that must be you! :)

Annie, I am totally in love with that Italian translation, I am seriously thinking I might rename my blog "Andiamo allora io e te"!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, wow so many different readers! I also think your blog looks very cool in Italian. I wonder how mine would look like? I'm not sure there is an Italian translation for "Trekcapri" though. :)

I like the map also. Glad you found Girasoli's dot on your next post!

Thanks for the interesting post and have a nice evening Anne!


Kathy, you're already half Italian anyway with "Capri" in your name! Which is a place I want to visit one day...have been to Sorrento and Amalfi, but not yet Capri.

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