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Gifts for my inner child

I made a couple of completely frivolous purchases recently...because sometimes it's just fun to banish those responsible "no, I shouldn't" thoughts and give in to childish delight! :)

I bought this little butterfly rug in Truro on Friday. Valerie and I were wandering around Walmart (having seen all there was to see in Margolians), and I spied this bright little rug down one of the aisles. I rushed over and snatched it up, exclaiming "ahhhh, that is SO cute, I love it!! I want it!)


I also bought a cute plush toy called a "caterspeller", which a caterpillar with upper case alphabet down one side, and lower case down the other. Someone at work does the wholesale distribution things, and it only cost $7 (or thereabouts). It's about six feet long, and is so colourful and fun, I think it looks neat on the back of my sofa!



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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I think the gifts you purchased for your inner child are so cute! Thanks for sharing the photos of them.

Have a great week Anne!

Looks like you are getting started on some nursery decorations for your grand-kids! Love the colors.


Thanks Kathy, you too!

Annie, aaahhhhhh bite your tongue! (No, I am looking forward to grandchildren someday...just not anytime soon!)

I love the gifts you gifted yourself! They are so colorful, they made me smile.

I love love the caterspeller! My son is getting married next month and I told him and my future DIL that I want a red headed grandchild in the very near future.

I wonder about the cat's reaction to the long plush toy. I can see them playing with the antennae... :)


Thanks Maria, I agree a red headed grandbaby would awesome! I too am hoping for one...in my not so immediate future. ;) So far the kitties haven't shown much interest, but I expect Polly will be pouncing soon enough!

Tongue bitten! I figured that the grandbaby mention might get that reaction! But a red-headed grand-child at some point down the road sounds like a wonderful plan, so save the caterspeller for him/her!


Annie, I don't know if my inner child will be able to part with it! lol


I love the caterspeller! The bright colours are a perfect pick-me-up on a gloomy winter day! (I've been wearing my wildly striped mittens these days, because they're warm but also because the colours always make me smile!)


my daughter who is 6 months just recieved one of these from my uncle today,she also got like this little plus this barnyard animals thing.I love the caterspeller im hopeing she will keep it clean and have it when she has kids in the future


Hey Alexa, thanks for stopping by! I hope your little one has lots of fun with her caterspeller. (My 13 yr old thinks mine is creepy...oh well, I didn't buy it for her!)

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