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Happy New Year...the day after!

I hope everyone had as wonderful a time on New Year's Eve as I did! As I wrote yesterday, we went to my friend Valerie's house for the evening.

There were eight of us at the "grown ups party": Valerie and Mark, Dave and I, Janice and Colin (who I already know from church), and Meggin and her daughter Marla (I had met Meg at Valerie's house once a few months ago, but first time to meet Marla, although she was sick and so crashed really early in the evening.) And roughly the same number of teens, who amused themselves mostly by playing Rockband in the basement (whence they were banished, not having been invited to the play with the adults!) And one two year old (Marla's daughter/Meg's granddaughter), who amused everyone and was ever so snuggly once she got used to a person!

We mostly just enjoyed a lot of conversation and stories, over a few drinks and snacks. But also played Cranium, which I had never played before. It is really quite a riot, although I think is a game that I will enjoy more on second and subsequent playings because I was a little tense from having no idea what to expect. It's a little daunting, as a relative newcomer to this particular group of friends, to be thrown into such a wildly varying mess o' stuff from word puzzles, to trivia questions, to charades and talking like famous people, to drawing or making clay models! But now that I have played it once and know what it's all about, I will be able to get into it with more abandon next time. But it really is a rowdy party game, so I highly recommend it! Even though we lost...battle of the sexes, the men won...a pox on their smug selves! :)

Of course we did the midnight countdown - turned on the local channel to watch the big countdown that takes place in Halifax every year...and marvelled that the band was actually playing while the blizzard raged, now that's dedication...or stupidity, we weren't sure which! Man, the keyboard player's fingers must have been soooo cold, and surely his keyboard was ruined from all that snow driving into it! Anyway, I had brought a bottle of Spanish Cava, so we toasted in the New Year with a glass of bubbly. We were all tucked into bed by one o'clock, though! Oh what a wild bunch we are! In my own defence, I am still struggling with my second of back to back nasty colds, plus a double dose of severe conjunctivitis (aka pink eye), so my eyes looked like "two pissholes in the sand", as Valerie so delicately phrased it! :)

And oh yes indeed, that storm did hit and hit hard so we spent the night after all (which I was secretly hoping to do all along, just hadn't wanted to put Valerie out if was a pain for us to stay...but it turned out that she was as happy for us to stay as I was, so it was good all the way around!)

Here is Valerie and me, all warm and cosy on the sofa this morning (while Dave and Mark were out in the driveway shovelling snow in still blizzard conditions):


(And so that I am not taking credit for photos not my own...I have to confess the photo was taken with Valerie's camera - I "stole" it from her Facebook album to post on my blog! I choose not to post the one in which my eyes do, in fact, look just as she described them...)

And here are some photos I took on our drive home this afternoon...you can see why we stayed over at Valerie's instead of attempting this drive last night in the dark! Oh, girasoli, yes the Cape Cod mentioned in the Environment Canada weather warning is the one in Mass. The storm came up the Eastern seaboard and dumped a pile of snow on us! And is still blowing around...our driveway has blown out and blown back in a couple times now. We'll see what it looks like in the morning - hopefully blown out!

The highway:

The road through our village:

And coming around the corner on the home stretch:

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Oh my gosh, that is some blizzard! Happy New Year to you...sounds like you had a lot of fun. Hope your cold and your eyes start feeling better soon!


Thanks Annie, I really did have a lot of fun! My eyes are looking less rough around the edges, although not yet back to normal. The cold is...sigh, still hanging on, but slowly receding. I swear I aam single handedly (nosedly?!) keeping the decongestant industry in business though!

Hope your evening with friends went well. Did the winds materialize as forecasted in your area?

Bummer about your eyes. I am still dealing with an eye thing right now and can relate. Sounds like you had a fun evening. Thanks for letting me know about the weather info. Interesting but I can see how it would hit you geographically.

Quite the blizzard! Sounds like you had a great time, though! Hope you feel much better very soon.


Thanks Chiocciola, my eyes are feeling much better! I had no clue pink eye was so nasty, my lids felt bruised from the insane swelling.
Glad you made it back to DC safe and sound, and look forward to reading all about Mexico! (Love that teaser photo you posted today!)

It was windy but fortunately it didn't blow any trees down and the power stayed on!

Happy New year!

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