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"My friend Tammy..."

Ok, I don't actually have a friend Tammy, but my friend Andrea does...
Here we are at White Point last September (me and Andrea, that is...not Tammy!):

One morning not too long ago, a few of us were going down for coffee. I think we were talking about food - a frequent topic in our office - and Andrea started to tell us about some delicious concoction her friend Tammy makes. "My friend Tammy..." she said, stopped then added "ok, every second sentence out of my mouth starts with 'my friend Tammy', you'd think I idolized her or something...well, actually I kind of do! She's so amazing, I think I want to be her!" I laughed and replied hey, I'm the same way with "my friend Valerie", except I definitely don't want to be her, she's got too many funerals in her life." (Which has been so true this past month, that isn't even funny anymore.) Catherine joined in the conversation, saying sadly, "aw, I don't have a friend like that..." then she brightened up and added "oh wait, I must be that friend!"

Ever since then, Andrea and I have had a running joke about "my friend Tammy" and "my friend Valerie". Today I was going to get a drink of water, and Andrea was in the hall talking to another coworker, and I hear "my friend Tammy...blah, blah, blah." Of course I burst out laughing. But quickly admitted that I'm not one to talk, seeing how I even have a photo of me and "my friend Valerie" in my office. Andrea glanced at my cabinet and said, "yeah at least I don't have a shrine to my friend Tammy". Hey now, I protested, it's not a shrine, it's a celebration of mutual friendship...the frame was a gift from, not a tribute to, Valerie, after all. Andrea fake pouted, "Oh...I don't have one of those from Tammy, I'll have to make something and pretend it's from her." (Come to think of it the middle photo on my cabinet is a friendship poem and for the background, I was wanting a "footprints in the sand" kind of feel, and happened to use a photo of Andrea and I walking on the beach at White Point. I'll have to tell Andrea she has a place in my friendship "shrine"! lol

I think I'm secretly a little envious of Andrea though, since "her friend Tammy" lives just a couple houses away from her so they get to hang out together all the time (aside from the times when one or the other wants some alone time, which makes perfect sense to my introverted self.) Whereas, Valerie and I live in different communities (although only about a 20 minute drive apart), plus she's pretty much on call 24/7, so we rarely have a chance to hang out together at all, let alone on any regular basis. Which is why, as I said to Andrea, I am so looking forward to staying with Valerie for a couple weeks in Newfoundland this summer, and spending all that wonderful friendship time together. ♥

It's really fun sharing friendship stories with Andrea...and how awesome that we both feel like we have the most amazing friend ever! (But really "my friend Valerie" is the most amazing...shhh, don't tell Andrea!) lol :)

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I have a friend like that - I actually journaled about her today. What a cooincidence!

I will try to remember to post the picture tomorrow.


Leslie, that IS cool coincidence. My life is so full of coincidences these days, it's starting to feel spooky. Don't forget to post the photo of your own amazing friend!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, wonderful friendship post! I have a couple of really best friends and consider myself lucky to have them. One of them went with me to Europe for a month and we joked about how that trip was either going to bring us closer or harm our friendship. We are just as close today maybe even more so. It is a blessing to have people like that in our lives in addition to our family. In fact, we get together with each others family too so they are a part of our lives in every way.

Sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun this summer and I can't wait to read about your experiences.


Kathy, I agree, such friends are a blessing. Very cool that you have shared a trip to Europe with one of yours. I can't wait for July (my inner child is still zooming around in circles of joy and excitement!)

I too have a friendship "shrine" with photos of my best friends. We are very close and have grown closer through some difficult times in dealing with illness and even death. We think of ourselves as family since neither one of us has any extended family living in Arizona.
How wonderful to be going to Newfoundland with Valerie. You must be so excited!


Maria, that's neat about your own "shrine". What would we do without these wonderful friends in our lives?! And oh yes, I am absolutely beside myself with excitement about Newfoundland - can't wait!


Anne, your plan to spend time with Valerie in Newfoundland sounds wonderful! What would we do without friends!


So very true, Sandra, friends truly are one of life's great joys. Valerie has lots of family and friends she will want to see while home in Nfld, but I will treasure whatever time we do get to share together this summer!

Hi, just wanted to let you know that we are going to do the "blog everyday in February" challenge again. There's a thread on the STalk blogging board about it. No pressure but I wanted to make sure you know about it since you did it last year. :)


Thanks Annie, for letting me know. I probably will join in the challenge again this year, it was fun last year. And I have lots more photos from my Oct trip to use as fillers for those days when I have nothing to write about!

Cool - glad you might be up for it! It was a lot of fun last year. I plan to do the "photo of the day" thing too on those "too busy to write" days.

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