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The big kids' corner...and the biggest kid in it!

"Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs." (Mark 10:14, NRSV)

The big kids' corner during children's time...
(Guess who is the biggest kid of all?**)


**The answer to that question is of course my friend (Reverend) Valerie...which anyone who's ever read my blog probably already knew since I am always writing about how wonderful she is and how much joy our friendship brings me. And about how uplifting her ministry is, because she truly is an awesome minister (and I'm not just saying that because she's my friend!)

Of course, I only write the good stuff about Valerie...I would never share the bad bits, such as when she...

...told me to get the hell out of her office (Being told to get the hell out of church by the Minister...how many people have that claim to fame, I wonder?!)

...treated me like an outcast over the holidays - an outcast, I tell ya!!

...said that I have a freakishly bizarre shaped head (I'm traumatized for life...I may never let anyone massage my migraine-ish head again...)

...insulted my humming abilities during Cranium. I said I wouldn't be able to hum very well because of my cold, and she replied "it's not like that will make a difference"...humph.

...somehow managed to get my husband to buy her flowers, 'cause yes, the last time my husband bought flowers, they were for her and not me. (I'm thinking hey, just what's going on around here anyway?? I haven't gotten flowers in years, decades even. This is just not right.)

...cancelled our date (again.) This happens with such frequency (twice last week alone!), I'm starting to think she's just pretending to be my friend, you know, in hopes that my husband will buy her more flowers or something...

I'm tempted to leave it at that and just laugh to myself, but lest anyone actually think I'm serious...I better add the explanations!

...the first two comments were related to my horribly germ-infested self over the holidays - the flu, severe pink eye, another cold - and all said with laughter (laughter in her heart anyway, if not in her voice - I saw a very startled look on the face of a women at church who passed by as Valerie was saying to me "if any of that stuff goes through my house, you're banned for life...you think you're an outcast now, you just wait!!" I'm not so sure the woman knew she was joking...)

...apparently I do actually have a very strange bump of bone on the back of my head so I'll have to give her that point. I only know this from having people subsequently feel my head and say "oh, she's right, you DO have a strange shaped head". Before that, I just thought everyone had a protruding bone on the back of their skull...who knew it was just me?!

...as it turned out, she was talking about her own ability to recognize pop songs, and nothing to do with my ability to hum them!

...the flowers were in fact a thank you for her amazing care during our series of family crises last winter and spring. I actually thought it was very sweet of Dave to buy them for her. In retrospect, the blessing (because there always seems to be one) in those crises is that in spending so much time together, she and I discovered a kindred spirit in each other...and so our beautiful friendship blossomed, and just keeps grower stronger every day.

...I'm absolutely kidding on that one, I know she cherishes our friendship too. The cancelling of our plans just goes with the territory - obviously she can't control when unforeseen events are going to happen that require her immediate attention and care. I just enjoy what time we do get to share in person, and know that we carry each other's presence in our hearts the rest of the time. Did I tell you how excited I am that our families are spending a couple weeks together in Newfoundland?! :) Ok, I may have mentioned that a time or two before...

Ah, good times...we share much fun and laughter together. I love that woman, it makes my heart sing to have her in my life as such a dear friend! ♥

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Thought It appropiate to just add a few lines for those avid readers who have gotten to know me in some small way through Anne's amazing writing. Our friendship has been a wonderful blessing and as Anne says " being the friend of a minister is not for the weak of heart". Not many people would be able to put up with the constant cancelling of plans but I give thanks for my dear friend who is able to do that. And yes, I did tell her to get the hell out of my office and she does have a strange shaped head! But, really, only a true friend could say those things and be understood. One nice thing about spending some of our holiday time together is that I won't be working and will be far enough away from my church that I won't get called out. On the other hand spending so much concentrated time in my presence might leave Anne with a longing for the days when things get cancelled :)

Blessings to all

Funny post! Is that Miss Ninja in the middle? And I like that banner..."Let the field exult."


Uh oh, hadn't thought of Valerie-overload, maybe I better rethink this whole Newfoundland thing! lol

Annie, I adore that banner! It says "Let the seas roar, Let the field exult". There's a matching one on the other side of the big window/cross that says "And the trees sing for joy!" I'll post closeup photos soon. Yes, that is MN, and her best friend/Valerie's daughter on the far right.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I enjoyed this post very much this morning and as usual I smiled and giggled while reading it. It's really great to read about your wonderful friendship with Valerie.

I'm sorry to hear that you were so sick over the holidays. Hope you are feeling better.

Have a nice weekend!


Thanks Kathy, I'm always thrilled to bring a giggle into someone's heart. And glad to know you are enjoying my ongoing stories of friendship! I am pretty much back to full health finally...although my voice was literally blanking out on some notes during choir practice last night, so not sure what's going on there. Hopefully just remnants of the last cold.


I love this post! The myriad of slights and insults are hilarious (since it is clear that they are all in good fun). And I agree with Valerie: only with a true friend can one share such abuse.


Thanks Lynn, glad you enjoyed it. All in good fun for sure, and I agree, definitely a sign of true friendship!


A very cute post, Anne, although I'm scandalized that your friend -- and minister -- would tell you to "get the hell out of (her) office." And I'm assuming that you paid Valerie to post that first comment. (I'm kidding of course!)

You obviously have a wonderful friendship, well worth cherishing. (And worth protecting, if only because you clearly know one other well enough to each have loads of dirt on the other!)


Rats, is it that obvious I bribed her??! Sandra, you crack me up! Ooo, just think of the dirt I'll have AFTER our Nfld holiday. I imagine her sister will have some interesting stories to share... ;)

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