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Time wasting 101

I had been planning to go to a UCW (United Church Women) potluck supper this evening, but my "date" had to cancel at the last minute so the potluck was off. (I would have gone anyway, except that I'm not actually a member of the UCW, nor did I know where the dinner was being held. I just happened to be at my friend's house the other day when she got a call reminding her of the upcoming potluck, so she asked if I wanted to go with her.)

So...plans gone astray, I wondered what to do with my evening?? You might guess that I would see it as an opportunity to do something useful, like catch up on my church treasurer stuff, or clean up the remnants of my holiday mess, but nope, you'd be wrong! I just spent my evening on the computer, reading blogs and Facebook stuff, and playing with Picasa creating photo collages. Ok, so not the most productive way to take advantage of an unexpectedly free evening, but I had fun...and the other stuff will get done another day! Seriously, I could teach a course on procrastination and wasting time...it's an artform I have perfected over the years. (I sometimes wonder how I get the "real" stuff done at all, but in the end, I always do...my path to completion just has a lot of twists and meandering, that's all!)

And now, without further ado, I share with you my wonderful creations. Prepare to be impressed and awed by my amazing collaging skills!! (And those of you who have used Picasa and know how idiotically simple it is can just hush up and let me bask in the praise of those who think this actually took talent on my part!! LOL)

Images of Florence in October:

Images of Fiesole in October:

Images of family and Christmas:

Images of friendship:

Images of my grandmother's paintings:

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I think it was definitely time well spent! I love your collages! I wish picasa would work on a mac.

Excellent collages. I wonder if there is something like this in Photoshop?

Woo hoo! These are ALL fantastic! I hope you do plenty more of them, they are great! :)


girasoli, that's too bad about picasa not working on macs. It's got some great features (one of which is making it SO easy to resize my photos for posting on ST!)

Marta, I'm not sure about photoshop, but google offers picasa as a free download.

Ooo thanks, Leslie - high praise from the queen of collages! :)

Very cool, I'm impressed! I agree, time well spent (plus, I bet it was fun!).


Thanks Annie, yes it was totally fun! And I love looking back at photos, so what better way to pass the time than to make them into collages (which make excellent wallpapers for my desktop too!)

Anne what a beautiful job! They all look awesome! I have never used Picasa but now you peaked my curiosity. I also want to make some slide shows with my Mexico photos.


Chiocciola, you should give it a try. I really find it very user friendly, and love this collage feature. Haven't used the movie/slide show option yet, but must check it out one of these days. If so, will post it here so you can see how it looks.

A while after I posted my comment about no Picasa on Macs, I found a Picasa download for Macs! It JUST came out!! Do you think my wish made it come true :)???

The only thing I don't like though is that it copies every picture from my computer filling up folders with lots of clutter making it more difficult to find my real picutres. Luckily I realized right away (before emptying my trash) that if I delete any pictures, they are also deleted from my computer! I am guessing there is a way around this but haven't figured it out yet.


girasoli, on my PC, Picasa just reads the original photos in my existing folders, unless I specifically export a copy to a new folder (i.e. if have resized for uploading on ST, etc.) So assuming there is a way around the copy issue (or else it's a Picasa-Mac thing). Strange. Cool and coincidental that it's now available though!


This is very cool, Anne. Beautiful photos!

I didn't realize that your grandmother was an artist, her work is lovely; the painting in the lower right corner is v. intriguing.

I have to check out picasa!

Kathy (Trekcpari):

Hi Anne, wow these are all great collages. I love how you have different themes and they are all so well put together. I'm familiar with Picasso, but have never tried to do a collage yet. Thanks for pointing it out this feature and for sharing the very cool collages that you created.

I have played with it a little more and have learned how to get rid of things that I don't want in Picasa without deleting them from my hard drive (remove folder is what works in case you ever need it ....or at least on a Mac this is what works).

Picasa copies every picture I have and if I have copies in a smaller form for my blog, it copies those also, as well as screen shots, and photos in folders in my document folder.

I am going to have to start trying out the collage option.

Amazing collages! Love the different themes. I'm going to check Picasa now that I know that it works on a Mac.


Sandra, I posted a larger view of that painting in the next entry so you can get a closer look.

Kathy, it's great fun creating these. Plus I have fodder for future entries because I can post about each one individually to explain the different images! (Stay tuned for those entries...)

girasoli, that is so strange about the copying thing (eek, maybe I have a bunch of crap on my computer and just don't know about it! I don't think so though.)

Maria, yes check it out, it's loads of fun. I have lots more photos, so will be creating more myself, including one of our time together in Venice!

I'll give Picasa a try this weekend. I'm sure I'll be spending an entire day playing around, doing collages. I'm looking forward to the Venice collage. Which reminds me that I have a few photos that I've been meaning to send you. I'll do it today. It's on the to-do list.


Thanks Maria, that would be awesome!

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