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41 Odd Things

I am stealing this from Kim because (to quote her) heck, I needed an entry!

1. Do you like blue cheese? Only in a salad with a really good dressing
2. Have you ever smoked? Yes, years ago when young and stupid
3. Do you own a gun? No
4. What flavour Kool Aid was your favorite? Purple
5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Not really
6. What do you think of hot dogs? Is there anything else to eat...anything??
7. Favourite Christmas movie? Does the Sound of Music count as a Christmas movie?
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Water first, then coffee
9. Can you do push-ups? A few...ok, a couple...maybe
10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? A small silver cross that Dave gave me
11. Favourite hobby? Hmm...writing, knitting, reading
12. Do you have A.D.D.? Have never been tested...
13. What's one trait you hate about yourself? I don't hate anything about myself
14. Middle name? Margaret
15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? Glenn Close was really freaky in Fatal Attraction. Poor little Polly looks drunk as she wobbles around in her post-op daze (she just got spayed). I am spending way too much time blogging and not enough knitting lately.
16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Coffee, "crappy tea", wine (and water, of course)
17. Current worry? I worry about my children (like most parents do, I would assume!)
18. Currently hate right now? The hideous cherub border in my living room (a holdover from the previous owner...who had really bad taste in my opinion)
19. Favorite place to be? In the company of family & friends ♥
20. How did you bring in the New Year? In the company of family & friends ♥
21. Where would you like to go? Newfoundland (in July to be exact!) And I always want to go to Italy.
22. Name three people who will complete this? I won't bother e-mailing it on b/c no one will but I'm hopeful some of my blogger friends will, desperate for February entries [that's actually Kim's response and hey look, it worked!!]
23.Do you own slippers? Yes but need new ones
24. What shirt are you wearing right now? Flannel long sleeved pyjama top
25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No idea, have never tried
26. Can you whistle? Yes
27. Favorite colour? I can never pick one favourite...
28. Red or white wine? Both...oh, was I supposed to only have one glass? hic...
29. What songs do you sing in the shower? Janis Joplin, Indigo Girls, I practice my choir pieces (if I can remember the words)
30. Favourite Girl's name? My daughter's names, seeing that I chose them!
31. Favourite Boy's name? David, because it's my beloved's name :)
32. What's in your pocket right now? My pyjamas have no pockets.
33. Last thing that made you laugh? My best friend's thoughts on holy water...
34. Worst injury you ever had? Mega bruise to my back from falling down the stairs
35. Do you love where you live? Yes, although I wouldn't object to a second home in Italy ;)
36. How many TVs do you have in your house? Two that get watched, plus one in my bedroom that is used as a clothes rack because I don't watch TV in bed.
37. Who is your loudest friend? Dunno
38. Do you have any pets? Two cats and a fish
39. Does someone have a crush on you? I'd say my husband, but right now we are having a spat about whether or not our daughter can sit on the arms of the furniture in the TV room...send us your prayers for a peaceful reconciliation! haha
40. Your favourite book(s): Depends on my mood, Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet and Anne Michael's Fugitive Pieces, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Love in the Time of Cholera...many, many more
41. Favourite Sports Team? Are you kidding? I can barely name a sports team, let alone a favourite!

And now that I have finished, am thinking I already did this list a while ago but...shhhhh, I won't tell if you don't! ;)

HOORAY, I survived the February Blog Challenge!!!! Now I need to go catch up on all my favourite blogs :)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, great post! Janis Joplin, Indigo Girls and choir practice, I love it.

Whoo hoo, we all made it to the end. I had fun. Have a great weekend!

Barb Cabot:

I really enjoy reading this. Helps me get to know my blogging friends a bit better. I've also stolen this from Kim and will post in the future. Have a blessed day.


Kathy, it was fun although I must admit I struggled to find ideas a few days, or at least interesting ones. Thank heavens for trip photos, eh? Enjoy your weekend too!

Thanks Barb, I look forward to reading your 41 odd things! I'm glad I disovered your blog this month, your entries are a wonderful celebration of life :)

Yay! We survived another February blog challenge!

I hope little Polly is doing well. Maria slowed down for a couple of days but seemed to recover pretty quickly.

Have a great weekend!


Thanks Annie, yay is right, congrats to us all!

Polly is doing so well, it's freaky. Seriously, you'd never know she had any kind of procedure at all the way she's tearing around the house. Her incision is very small and neat (our vet is great!) so I'm sure she won't have any post-op issues. She's supposed to have her activity restricted for a few days, but I've no clue how to do that. I guess she's napping a shade more, but otherwise seems to have her full energy back already. If only we humans could recover so quickly!!

We don't get Kool Aid over here and I start the day with some tea - before I have my cappuccino. :)


Leslie, I've actually been on a tea kick lately myself. JustUs lemon & honey tea, very tasty! I don't know when I last had KoolAid, probably years, but I imagine the (artificial) flavours and colours are much the same as when I was little ;)

Hihi, I remember you wrote about that border before, I think you even posted a photo! Great job blogging the whole month!!! It has been hard but fun - for it was easy to come up with topics but hard to find enough time. Sometimes I was asking me why I would spend nine hours in front of the computer at work - just to spend two more at home! But it was fun.


Chiocciola, did I post a photo? Guess I thought you should share my pain! It is truly hideous. I struggled a couple days in Feb to come up with a topic, but mostly was the time thing for me too. I posted on the ST board earlier that I am looking forward to March so I can get back to interacting with my blog friends a little more (which I have been missing this month since spending all my blog time writing my own entries!)

Great job, Anne! On your list and acing the blog challenge!


Thanks Candi, congrats on your perfect record as well :) Loved your post on your home in Palestine, can't wait to read more about it!

Congratulations for another year of blogging for a month straight! I say it is about time you get rid of that border! Do we need to start a petition? :)


girasoli, good one! You might be onto something too, that last petition worked wonders. I do have a bit more incentive these days though - my friend Valerie offered to help me paint the walls once I get the border stripped off - so methinks the cherubs will soon be a thing of the past!

And congrats to you also, especially on the marvellous Bologna series of entries (which I might just print off and savour in one big grassa sitting!)

This was a fun post to read. I ran out of February days, or I would have borrowed it from you.


Thanks Deborah :) You could always use it for March Madness! If I recall correctly, last year a group did the same challenge in March as well...not me though, one month of daily blogging was enough! It was fun but am kind of glad it's over!

Fun meme! Can you believe I’ve never drank Kool Aid neither have my kids? I'd like to hear what your friend’s thoughts on holy water were. :)


Maria, wow no Kool Aid? That used to be a staple at birthday parties when I was growing up. That and pop, which was a really rare treat.

Ah yes, the holy water, I was absolutely in stitches laughing so hard. (You don't really want to know the story though..we're probably going to hell over it, and I would hate to drag you down with us! haha)


Purple, there was a purple flavor???

Good post - love reading these fun little facts about people.


Thanks Kim, I imagine in theory it was grape, but it just tasted "purple"!

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