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A mixed bag...

...of precipitation is expected today. Here's the current weather warning for my area:

Warnings Hants County 4:42 AM AST Tuesday 3 February 2009 Snowfall warning for Hants County continued

Total snowfall amounts between 15 to 30 centimetres today and tonight.

A low pressure centre will move up the U.S. eastern seaboard today. The low will become a winter storm and pass just to the east of Nova Scotia tonight. This will result in a mixture of precipitation types along the Atlantic coast of mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton where snow..Ice pellets..Freezing rain and rain can be expected. Away from the Atlantic coast..Heavy snow with local amounts up to 30 centimetres can be expected. Strengthening northeasterly winds will give rise to blowing snow leading to reduced visibilities later this afternoon.

Conditions will improve overnight as the storm centre moves away to reach Newfoundland by Wednesday morning.

...also a mixed bag of ramblings in my post today!

Andrea (friend/coworker) arrived in the office looking decidely dishevelled. Iris and I laughed at what we thought was bedhead, but come to find out, Andrea was almost run over by a bus this morning - yikes!!! She said she and the bus were literally nose to windshield, very scary. A bystander on the sidewalk said he thought the bus actually did hit her, but she said no, it stopped with a couple inches to spare. Wow. I always have a running joke about making sure to share my knowledge "just in case I am run over by a bus tomorrow"...perhaps not such an unlikely event after all if this is the caliber of driving that goes on in Halifax!

My daughter is happy about the storm day - schools are cancelled pretty much straight across the province. She just called to ask me something and I could hear a voice in the background...come to find out she called me from her cell phone because was speaking with her friend K on the land line at the same time. Actually she had K on speaker phone so K and I had a brief "hi, love ya, bye" conversation with M relaying my greetings although I could hear K's voice directly. Funny. I imagine they'll be on the phone all day...hopefully not watching CSI reruns again, cause the last time M watched those all day, she totally creeped herself out.

Have a "big meeting" with the Deputy Minister and Senior Executives in a few minutes...I work for one of the provincial government departments, and am part of the budget team that is developing the 09/10 budget submission for my department. We are presenting draft #whatever of information to the Exec team this morning. Has been an interesting learning curve. I worked in budgets a couple years ago with another department, but my current dept does things a bit differently so I've been scrambling to get up to speed, having been shifted to the budget side most unexpectedly and suddenly due to a temporary reorganization of our financial support group. (Although as I move through this current budget, I am finding that many of the differences are simply because of people not knowing the formal budget process to begin with, and not that the process actually changed much since I last worked on budgets.)

And finally...the McKinnon cartoon in today's Chronicle Herald made me laugh, with the connection between the current economic situation and groundhog day. (As mentioned, I have a meeting shortly, but all is prepared so I am just chillin' while I wait, reading the paper and sipping my coffee - is good to head into a meeting in a relaxed frame of mind, don't you think?!)


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We got a few flakes this morning but then it turned to rain. Might get a bit of snow tonight but doesn't sound like it will be much. I heard on the radio this morning that London is completely paralyzed by their biggest snowfall in two decades! I wouldn't mind being snowed in in London...:)

Happy Tuesday!


I can't decide if that experience makes me lucky or unlucky. However, I did discover that faced with death my last words would be @#*% and &^#@!

I once almost got run over by a smallish truck on a street near the S.Lorenzo market in Florence. It was a very frightening experience, made worse by the fact that I was in the city alone for a month stay in an apartment. This incident left me quite shaken up for a few days ..

Loved the cartoon. Great way to relax before a meeting. :-)


Annie, wouldn't that be awesome to be stranded in London! I could definitely go for that.

lol Andrea, I imagine my language would be much the same if had a close encounter with a bus!

Maria, those little trucks do zip around those streets, don't they? Dave has wanted one ever since he saw them (in Florence.) It would be very scary having an accident while travelling alone.

It is really cold here (for us) again. My kids don't know what to do (of course most of them are wearing shorts - so walking outside down to our bathroom (our buildings are not enclosed) is freaking them out with the cold wind blowing. I have been wearing my fleece all day. To me, if it is going to be cold, we might as well have snow. Amazing weather in England! Cute cartoon :)


girasoli, it really must be weird with the cold wind when you are used to the lovely warmth. I remember when I was young and we stayed in Florida for 4 months, and when the temp got down to the mid-60s at night in Oct, I was piling on the blankets!

Look out - we've had snow all day . . . it is coming your way now!


Jerry - noooooo, not more of the stuff!!! I have actually been enjoying the snow this year, but enough is enough, at least for a little while!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, the weather has been kind of extreme this winter for everyone but us here in Southern CA. I read something on Pauline's blog about the snow in London. I kind of agree with Annie, I think it would be cool seeing London under all that snow!

Wow, I'm glad your friend didn't get hurt.Pretty scary. Also scary for Maria too.

Hope your meeting went well! Glad the cute Cartoon relaxed you! :) Have a great day tomorrow Anne!


Thanks Kathy, yes the meeting went well...more work added, of course, but otherwise ok! I'll have to check out Pauline's blog. Enjoy your day too!


Anne, we've been in a deep freeze here -- if you don't get Jerry's snow, you might get our cold front!

Good luck with the budget process (all that federal stimulus should be helpful) And I love that cartoon!


Sandra, you can just keep your cold front, thank you very much! ;) McKinnon has a real knack for coming up with relevant (and often irreverant!) cartoons.

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