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A reflection...


That is a photo I took a couple years ago of River Phillip in Cumberland County, NS. I was just looking at it and thought of Proverbs 27:19. (No, I don't have the bible memorized, the words just came into my head, and I googled them to find the passage!)

I am quite fascinated with all the different versions of the bible (it is uber easy to look them up on sites such as BibleGateway.) I find that the various translations range from very subtle differences in wording to "wow, are these even the same book??" Often it's the latter instances that open the door to a better understanding though, because I have to stop and really think about the underlying meaning in order to figure out how the different translations can possibly be related.

Here are three translations of Proverbs 27:19. Interesting that The Message version seems so internally focussed, while the others seem more about relationships with others. (I love the NRSV version myself.)

Proverbs 27:19 (The Message)

Just as water mirrors your face,
so your face mirrors your heart.

Proverbs 27:19 (New Revised Standard Version NRSV)

Just as water reflects the face,
so one human heart reflects another.

Proverbs 27:19 (Contemporary English Version)

You see your face in a mirror

and your thoughts

in the minds of others.

As I was looking at The Message version of Proverbs 27, I saw also these lines:

14 If you wake your friend in the early morning by shouting "Rise and shine!" It will sound to him more like a curse than a blessing.

...which literally made me burst out laughing!! It so reminds me of a recent story told by a friend of mine (which person shall remain nameless for the sake of privacy...lol) about her best friend/roommate through university, who evidently understood that any real human interaction before 11am in the morning was just wrong. My response to that last part was "uh oh, I must suck as a friend then, 'cause I've come barging in your door at 7:30am looking for coffee & conversation!" She claimed otherwise, but now I know she was secretly cursing me for arriving at such an ungodly hour... ;)

Proverbs 27:9 (The Message)

Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight,
a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

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Barb Cabot:

I love when you do this...post variations on the scripture. Such a beautiful passage. Thank you


Anne--what a totally beautiful picture. You are right--it totally reflects the biblical words--whatever translation you choose. God's words describe His creation.

That is an amazing photo, Anne!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, this is a very interesting post. Thanks for posting that great link.

I love that beautiful photo of the cloud reflections in the water.

Very thoughtful post and made me smile. Thank you Anne! Have a great day tomorrow.


I always enjoy reading your blog. :) Beautiful picture too.

One of these days, I will visit NS as I have cousins in Halifax.

What a nice post!


Barb, thanks so much for saying so. I am always glad to hear that people like these entries!

Thanks Jane, I love that images of creation and words of scripture fit so beautifully together!

Candi, Nova Scotia is a gorgeous corner of the world. Although quite the opposite direction from where you're headed! Have to admit, as I gaze out the window at the snow, I am a tad envious that you are off to Hawaii!!

Kathy, how wonderful to know this made you smile :) What a perfect way to start off the day!

Eden, I wonder if I know your cousins. Odds are not great though since I live outside the city and just commute there for work. But wouldn't it be cool if I did! Be sure to let me know if you do come up for a visit, would be nice to meet you in person!

Thanks Cindy Ruth, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Gorgeous photo! And the translation comparisons are interesting - they are VERY different! thanks for the head's up about Bible Gateway too - sounds like a cool site.

Happy Friday! :)


Happy Friday to you too, Annie :) I thought that was a cool site too. After posting this, I found another site that shows several translations right on the same page. http://net.bible.org/home.php


Beautiful photo, Anne, and a very interesting post. Quite different interpretations makes life so interesting! I must check out the link you left above for Annie.


Thanks Sandra, differences really do add depth to all aspects of life, don't they? By the way, NetBible doesn't seem to include The Message, which is the most untraditional version that I have come across. But it is neat to see many interpretations listed on the same page.

Gorgeous reflection! It makes me think of the process we go through when we reflect on our lives and hope to see such a stunning visual as this...well, we can hope, anyway!


Thanks Brenda, I agree, such glorious images add an extra dimension to our reflections. The wonder and beauty of nature never ceases to amaze me! ♥

Gorgeous photo! I love reflection photos. It looks like a very peaceful place.

Beautiful photo and passage. I love the last proverb you posted. So true.


I love the photo you picked. It went so perfectly with the passages.


girasoli, Maria & Nancy - thanks! I might enlarge the photo and get it framed with that passage as a caption. I too just love the combination!

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