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Anne needs...

A friend on facebook posted this note:

"Google your name with the word 'needs' after it and see what pops up!"

Her results were quite funny, so I thought I would give it a try myself. Here are the top ten things that Anne needs, according to Google:

Anne needs to win sexiest veg! (Um...I don't even want to know...)
Anne needs to retire* (Aha, the Oracle has spoken!)
Anne needs no man (But it sure is fun to have one around!)
Anne needs your support (Indeed I did, and thanks to all those who signed my petition.)
Anne needs a jobby job (To be honest, I'd rather have a hobby job...)
Anne needs no enhancement (Because I am very, very special...)
Anne needs to remember to blink (So an unsightly layer of dust doesn't accumulate?)
Anne needs HELP!! (Because I'm really not that talented...)
Anne needs to humble herself (Yeah, I am just so full of myself...)
Anne needs water (Duh...)

* Anne needs to retire Hmmm, I seem to have put on a few pounds, must have been that second bowl of ice cream...


Try this for yourself and let me know what comes up for you!

Comments (15)

Now this is fun! I shall ahve to try it out. I too need to retire . . . perhaps if my 649 numbers finlly come in this weekend . . .


Cool, great idea for a blog post... :) I love your comments after each item. And YES, you are that TALENTED!

I am also one who needs to retire... seriously! Let's see if my "needs" will include that.


Jerry, wouldn't $48 million be a nice retirement fund! With the ice cream that will buy, I really will turn into an elephant!!

Eden, guess I should explain that I really don't feel untalented! A while ago, some folks at church were looking for someone to be backup for the envelope secretary (the one who looks after the charitable donation receipts for offerings, etc.) Someone suggested me, likely because I am already central treasurer. Valerie knew I would have no interest (or free time) to take something else on, so said to them "no, she's really not that talented." I guess she got some startled looks, but am sure her laughter made it clear she was not serious. I cracked up when she told me, and now the "not that talented" thing has become a running joke with us.

This is so fun,Anne. Cool "need", I can't believe google came up with all that. I am afraid to see what happens if I try mine.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, as usual a very creative and entertaining post! I shall have to give this a try. Who knows, maybe the retire early one comes up for me too! :)

Have a great day!

I'll have to try this later-that's so fun.

My top hit was needs...lots of love and money. Can't go wrong with that! Fun post!


Thanks Kathy, if Jerry's retirement fund comes through (the $48 million lottery), he can support us all in our old age!

Cindy Ruth, definitely give it a try! Too much fun.

girasoli, awesome needs! It's quite fascinating what comes up, isn't it?!

Very funny! But what you really need is to get that video of your solo up on your blog! :)


Chiocciola, it's coming! (At least I hope so. Dave did come and record me, but hasn't had a chance to do whatever he needs to do with the format so that I can post it. The live singing went well, so hoping the recording is also half decent!)


Candi, I missed your comment earlier, sorry! Have to agree that it might be scary to google what "Candi needs" lol :)


Love this post, especially your funny comments. You really are.... very special. Please be sure to avoid that layer of dust, at all costs! Don't want to obscure the sparkle in those eyes.


Thanks Sister! I will definitely remember to blink now...eek, I can't be having my sparkle obscured!! You should try this, it's good for a laugh! Valerie googled her name while we were waiting for the girls last night and apparently she "needs to get over whatever her problem is and have fun with vic".


This is funny, my name is Anne too, spookily, a lot of that list I do need!! :0)


Hi Anne (glad to see you spell it with an "e" too!)

I love your glass jewelry, by the way, it's very beautiful!

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