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Birthday photos

Yesterday I posted a few older photos of M. Here is a more up to date look at her (I took the first three this evening when we got home from choir practice/visiting my sister Lynn and niece. Lynn made M a lovely fish chowder for her birthday supper, and she and the girls made cupcakes while I went off to choir practice. A lovely way for M to spend her birthday evening!!



This next one is M's favourite photo of the lot:

And one more, taken Sunday outside the theatre. Lynn and I took our gang of girls to see Inkheart, while Mom went to Slumdog Millionaire. Here are M and K, bfflaebl (which, I'm told by K, stands for "best friend for ever and ever beyond life". Cute.)

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, these are beautiful photos of M. Looking all grown up from yesterday's photos but still with her great smile!

Thanks so much for posting more Birthday girl photos.

Have a wonderful day!


My pleasure Kathy. I love her smile too, it "makes my heart go boom-boom in my chest" (to quote a certain young lady who would be mortified to see me use those words about her!)

Enjoyed seeing more pictures of M. Forgot to ask in your other post, how do you make the heart?

Oh, and your letter is the letter C.


girasoli, isn't the heart neat?! Sara showed me how to do it. Type the following but without the spaces:
& hearts ;

Yay, a letter!! I must get my thinking cap on and see how many Italy references I can fit into a post about the letter C! :)


Lovely photos, Anne. And any chance of a guest review of Inkheart? The trailer looked good (and here I'll confess that I saw the trailer with my friend Jason when we went to see the movie Twilight. Clearly, I have a weakness for young adult fiction.)


Sandra - ditto! I'm not very good at reviews, somehow details just don't stick in my head but I'll give it a go in the next few days (after all I need all the ideas I can get for this Feb blog challenge!)

She is SO beautiful and photogenic! I hope that she had a wonderful birthday.


Annie, she had great fun making cupcakes with her cool Aunt Lynnie and her favourite cousin! She is amazingly photogenic, isn't she?! And is far too good looking for her parents' comfort LOL

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