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February beach break...

This morning I sit sipping a cup of tea and looking out the window at the beautiful winter light and feeling blessed to live in this place of many seasons. I don't think I would trade it to live in a temperate climate, I honestly enjoy the full gamut of weather, from the snowy days of winter lit by pale blue light, to the lazy, hazy golden days of summer, from the hope and promise of spring to the glorious colours of autumn. There is something marvellous and uplifting about the cycle of the seasons, the awakening and emergence of new life each spring, the dormancy of the winter months when growth hasn't necessarily stopped but lies waiting beneath the surface...the whole circle of life.

However, a few folks from my choir were talking of their upcoming trip to Mexico and that got me thinking of warm sun and sandy beaches. Those definitely have their appeal, although I don't have a great desire to do the package sun destination or cruise style vacation. As winter drags on, though, the thought of a tropical beach escape sounds more and more tempting. I'd love to travel to a warmer place, but one where I could safely roam around and experience the culture and rhythm of the land and not be restricted to a resort.

I love playing in the waves and sand and soaking up the sun's rays...the warmth of the sun feels especially wonderful on a day when there is a bit of a breeze in the air. I love those pockets of time when the air stills and the heat of the sun seeps into your bones...and just as you start to grow too warm, the air moves again and you are cooled by the gentle wind across your skin...

Here are a few (sort of beachy) photos from when the girls and I visited dad in England last summer. These were taken in Southwold, on the pier, and in and around his beach hut...I know, it's stretching the tropical sun and surf theme a bit, but oh well!













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Barb Cabot:

I LOVE the beach too Anne.
These are great family photos. Thanks for sharing. Fun to dream of sunny days.


Thanks Barb, Southwold is a great spot for playing in the sand and waves! Mind you, the North Sea was a bit chilly, but no more so than what I am used to from swimming in the Atlantic.

Oh, Anne, beautiful photos. I love the beach, and the summer, and don't like the winter too much, so I am glad you like winters!


Candi, I am starting to get tired of winter right now though ;) But the sun sparkling on the snow first thing in the morning is a sight that fills me with wonder and joy!


Living in Southern California, I actually like the beach best in the winter, sans tourists and excessive heat. Very nice beach/family pix.


Beautiful family vacation photos. I love the beach and a self-admitted winter wimp. Good thing we do not get REAL winter here in Northern California. :)


Marcia, that's interesting to hear. I would have thought the beaches would be just as crowded in the winter with vacationing northerners!

Eden, another interesting comment. I don't think of California as having ANY winter, but when I think of it, I guess it does extend more north than I think.

Obviously I have a lot to learn about California! Would love to travel there someday.

Great photos! I love the beach, it is one of my favorite things.

By the way, I think you do live in a temperate climate:) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temperate

WOnderful photos!


Chiocciola, ok smarty-pants, you got me! ;) Hard to think of this as a temperate climate though when we have 30 degree temp swings in the space of 24 hours! Literally went from 20 below one day to plus 10 the next, no wonder I get weather headaches :(

Thanks Leslie! Maybe someday I'll learn how to add those cool digital scrapebooking effects like you use :o)


I too love our seasons, winter included (as you know). I find sunny February to be a beautiful month, so am not tired of winter just yet. But along about the time that special day rolls around in March (which happens to be 24 shopping days away) I will start hankering for some spring weather.

Love the post. You've captured the essence of my feelings about the seasons much better than I ever could have myself.


Thanks Lynn, I'm sure you could express your feelings quite eloquently! I love the sun of February too. I remember being on mat leave with the girls and lying on the floor with them in the big patch of sun shining in the window...

Haha, I knew my comment sounded smarty-pantsy! But it's true! :) And I totally agree, Norway never seemed temperate to me either, but the limit is the arctic circle!


LOL, I wonder who ever dreamed up a climate scale that has the arctic circle bordering on temperate!

Great photos! I love the beach huts. I didn't realize your dad lives in England. Was that a castle they were making?


girasoli, it was a great big castle, pretty cool, isn't it? We stayed there for two weeks a couple summers ago, after spending two weeks in Italy. Dave had been with us in Italy, but he had to return to work, so just the girls and I carried on to England. The beach huts are fascinating...dad got his years ago before they became fashionable and uber pricey!

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