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Happy 13th Birthday to M ♥

Am posting this over lunch at work...and realizing that I have no recent photos on file here that I can share. I will get some up to date ones posted another day, but for now will share some images of my gorgeous girl from our July 2007 trip to Florence, Venice and England...

Here is my sweetie-pie in front of the beautiful cathedral in Pisa (sometimes overlooked in favour of its more famous bell tower, which is very fun to climb, I must admit!)

M'lady, your Florentine carriage awaits...

Looking very chic in Piazzale Michelangelo, with its stunning view of the Duomo and Florence's historic centre:

The archway at the end of the campo where our apartment in Venice was located:

M looks ready to attend Carnivale in her new gown (made in Paris) and Venetian mask!

Onward ho to England we go! We were fortunate to visit Sutton Hoo on the annual reenactment weekend! So the site was filled with folks in period costumes, battle scenes, birds of prey displays. We happened along just at the right moment, and M got to hold one of the owls:

The amazing labyrinth at the Norwich cathedral:

M and my brother Alec inside the British Museum, the Elgin marbles room (which was SO cool):

The magical, mystical Stonehenge experience! I highly recommend the special 'off hours' tours offered through the English Heritage Society, so can get right in amongst the stones):

Always the animal lover, here's M with my father's dog in his backyard (near Southwold, Suffolk):

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Oh, these are such wonderful photos of M jet-setting around the world. Happy Birthday to her!

Awww, those are beautiful photos - it made me remember my 3 week October 07 trip with then 16 year old Alessandro. :)


What fabulous photos -- Anne, your daughter is just lovely! I hope she has a wonderful birthday.


Looks like many of us have February birthday children - sweet pictures.


Annie, good description, she DOES look like a jet-setter, doesn't she?

Leslie, aren't we so blessed to have had the chance to travel with our children?

Thanks Sandra, I'm sure she takes after her mother ;)

Marcia, so cool that your family had a true "birth" day this month! Congrats!!

Happy birthday to sweet Miss Ninja! The picture of her with the dog is just great. She is a well traveled young lady!

(BTW, your brother is pretty nice looking too!) :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, very cool photos. She has a great smile, just like her mom!

Happy Birthday M!


Chiocciola - and he's brainy too! (Seriously, he's now a physicist professor.) Our family has it all, looks, brains, talent...lol

Kathy, that's so sweet of you, thanks! :)


M and you are lucky to have each other. Wonderful picture memories!


thanks Jane, she's an amazing blessing in my life, that's for sure! :)

I love these photos! The two with her wearing her sunglasses are my favorite. Happy Birthday M!!


girasoli, I love those ones too, she so uber-cool with those shades on!

Anne, your family really does have it all! It must be nice to be so perfect! :)


Chiocciola, it sure is wonderful being the mother of these two awesome girls! (And my hubby Dave is pretty great too!) :)

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