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Happy 19th Birthday to Sara!!!

Just back from dinner and a movie to celebrate Sara's 19th birthday. Still cannot believe I am the mother of 19 year old! Eek, where did the years go?! What a wonderful young woman she is becoming, I am so proud of her. ♥

We went to see the movie Taken and all enjoyed it. It was a fairly typical action thriller, but it starred Liam Neeson and that was enough for me. And no disappointment there, he was as awesome as always!

Here we are at the theatre:

This next one is looking up at the mirror on the underside of the escalator, I was down there beside them, just slightly out of the frame (I thought it was a neat angle!)

My two gorgeous gals, the birthday girl and the almost-birthday girl (M's is next week):

K and M, the epitome of best friends:

Sara is bursting with anticipation over something here:

And now in our seats, waiting for the movie to begin:

For supper, we went to Ristorante Piccolo Mondo, which I wrote about last year. I love the food at this place. We had antipasti of mussels, and a platter of skewered lamb, something akin to bruschetta, and fried mozza. Sara and I split a bottle of Lamberti Valpolicella, which was very tasty (Dave was going to share it as well, but didn't care for it...oh well, all the more for us!) We had various entrees: manicotti (stuffed with roasted chicken and ricotta), skewered shrimp, stuffed chicken, rosemary chicken pizza, and soup (forget which one). All were very tasty, judging from the mmm's from around the table, and the empty plates! Finished off with tiramisu, chocolate cake, and cherry cheesecake. I had the delicious tiramisu, but sampled the others and everything was very tasty. (They even stuck a candle in Sara's tiramisu for me!)

Sara and M in the restaurant:

K deciding what to order:

Dave and Gerjan:

Sara and the wine...

Sara and her candle-lit tiramisu:

Somehow a rather nasty Italian swear word (and accompanying gesture) became part of the girls' vocabulary this evening. I don't quite recall how it came up in our conversation, but once it did, they were relentless with their harassment until I repeated it with sufficient clarity for them to commit it to memory. Oops. K said she was going to tell her mom, I jokingly replied OH NO, don't do that!! K said it's ok, I won't tell her who told me. I laughed even harder and said yeah right, you tell your mom you learned an Italian swear word and you think she won't immediately know it came from me? (She is quite well aware of my obsession with Italy!)

After our wonderful meal, we went back to Sara's residence to watch her open a couple presents. K laughed at my mismatched combo of a Little Mermaid birthday card accompanying a box of Bacardi Breezers. (I just felt it was my motherly right to remind Sara that, nineteen or not, she's still my little girl!)



And then we left Sara to continue her birthday celebrations with her friends (and her box of coolers!)

The girls acting goofy in the car on the way home:

What a fun evening, so much love and laughter...and wine, let's not forget the wine...and Liam Neeson, let's not forget Liam Neeson...sweet dreams y'all! ;)

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Hau‘oli la hanau (Happy Birthday) Sara! What a fun evening! Great pictures. Is the legal drinking age 19 in Canada?

Barb Cabot:

What a great post and so nice to see your family. You have beautiful daughters. It looks like a perfect family night for celebrating. I have two daughters too. Both away at college. I miss them. Thank you for sharing.


girasoli, that is the legal age in NS. It varies from province to province, some are 18, some 19. Thanks for the birthday greetings in Hawaiian - very cool!! I will pass them along to Sara (although she may also see them here since she reads my blog from time to time.)

Thanks Barb, I would really miss Sara if she was away in another province!! (Fortunately she is attending a university that is close to home, so we do get to see her quite often. Although still feels strange not to have her living at home!)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I missed this wonderful post! You have a really beautiful family with good friends. Sounds like a wonderful celebration. Happy belated Birthday to Sara!

Thanks for sharing these great happy photos of your night out.


Thanks Kathy, it really was a lovely evening out. (And always my pleasure to show off my family!)

Happy birthday to Sara! Glad you all got to celebrate; that restaurant sounds great!


Chiocciola, how do you say Happy Birthday in Norwegian?

The girls are so beautiful! Looks like a wonderful night out. Happy Birthday to both of them!


Thanks Annie, they obviously take after their mother ;)


Nice, nice pictures - just wait until you wake up one morning and wonder how you became the mother of a 29 year old!


Eek Marcia, how shocking! Funny though, every age they reach seems to be their best age, doesn't it? :)

Belated birthday wishes to Sara and a bit early wishes for M! What a fun evening you all had. I love going out with my kids on celebratory dinners.


Thanks Maria, it was a most enjoyable evening! I agree, family celebrations are so wonderful. ♥

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