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Is backdating still cheating if I couldn't log in at the right time? ;)

So I went to login to Moveable Type and post my daily entry last night...and here's what came up on the otherwise blank screen:

Content-type: text/html 'D:\Websites\InetDomain\slowtrav\wwwroot\mtype\mt.cgi' script produced no output

Hmph, so much for my perfect February blogging record, I thought grumpily. Then decided I will not to have a gap in my calendar simply because of a system glitch, so am backdating this for Feb 9!

Um, I didn't actually have anything earth shattering to blog about though, so here are some photos of the cats.

Hey kitties, whatcha looking at??

Winston looks like he's pondering the mysteries of the universe...

Polly, in a moment of calm before the storm...

Ok, time to run around the house and see how many things I can knock over!!


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Barb Cabot:

I wouldn't call backdating cheating for this kind of venue...I love your cats! They are really beautiful. Makes me miss blanche our old white kitty.


Excellent Barb, another vote in my favour - good to have you on my side! Hard to tell from these photos, but Winston is about twice the size of Polly...and somewhat older and less playful (although she tries her best to wind him up!)

Not cheating. Pretty photos.

I backdated my Saturday post on Sunday morning because I fell asleep before I posted it. As long as I've got the red dates on my February calendar, I figure it's all a-okay.

Love seeing the kitties! Winston does have the wise old owl look, and Polly has that "living on the edge" wild kitten look.


Thanks Candi :) When Polly was really small, she feel off that ledge down to the hardwood floor in the foyer below - ouch! Didn't break anything though, thankfully (and clearly didn't scare her from living on the edge!)

Annie, thanks for sharing, good to know I'm not the only cheater-pants in our gang! ;o)

Gorgeous cats!


Nice cat photos. I wouldn't worry about backdating, but then I gave up the perfect record by starting the game late . . always helps the pressure thing, I say.

You had a valid technical reason (I couldn't get into MT either) so I'll let it slide for this time! :)


Sure, you are fine.

The kitty photos are great! Thanks for sharing them!


Chiocciola, I figure it's a better excuse than "the dog ate my homework"!

Thanks Nancy, it's my pleasure!

I also backdated my entry. I couldn't get into MT either and wasn't going to spend the night trying. I posted my entry first thing the next morning with a 11:59pm time.

Love the kitten photos! Polly has such a sweet face and Winston always looks so regal.


Maria, it seems many of us were in that same boat! Not sure what was going on with MT, hopefully won't interfere with posting again though.

Back dating is good! LOL


Is that the voice of experience speaking, Jerry?! ;)

Backdating is not cheating in my book :) Cool photos! Polly reminds me of my cat Pinky. She was the first cat I remember having as a child. She had the same color markings along with pink ears like Polly.


girasoli, that's cool about Pinky. Polly is such a sweetie!

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