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More "O" words...

A couple days ago, I posted my list of "O" words and mentioned that I found it unexpectedly hard to think of interesting words that begin with O.

Jane left this comment:

"Anne--what about orecchiette or Obama or oink or ornery (like in Dave won't go to church) or ozone or.... Just some thoughts for your next 10.. Of course, a picture for some might be difficult. I challenge you."

Well, I can hardly refuse a challenge, can I? So...here I go again!! More "O" words, although as I begin this entry, I have no idea how many O words will come to me so let's just wait and see, shall we? :)

(On the rocks...the girls and I years ago at one of Nova Scotia's best kept secrets, Upper Burnside...drive to the middle of nowhere and turn right to get there!)

(Actually beyond old, Stonehenge is ancient! Feels awe-some standing alone in the centre of these stones. ♥)

(Old friends...me and my friend Heather, we used to be close but only keep in touch sporadically now...I love this photo though!)

(Inside the Hungarian State Opera House, Budapest)

(Orford Castle...built by Henry II on Suffolk's coast)

(Orford Oysterage, we did not sample their wares.)

(Torre Dell'Orologio, Venice)

(Oddly shaped houses in Lavenham, that is)

(Odd exhibit in Venice, July 2007)

(Orlando Bloom?? No! This is my brother Henry in Equador, uncanny resemblance though, isn't it?)

(Ospedale degli Innocenti, or Hospital of the Innocents, in Florence, designed by Brunelleschi)

(Over-exposed! Sara and I...still trying to figure out the settings on my new camera!)

(The Colosseum, we stayed at the nearby Hotel Lancelot during our March 06 visit to Rome)

(Overlooking the beautiful city of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo)

(Suffolk Wildlife Park Zoo, England)

(Columns in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence)

(Interior of the Duomo)

Comments (10)

And here I thought vowels would be more difficult! Amazing list. Your brother looks just like Orlando Bloom! Is he married ??

Wow, two lists with the letter "O"-- I'm impressed!!

10 out of 10, Anne. Great job!
I am excited to see the "skull" sculpture in Venice, we kept trying to figure out what it was last year, and finally realized it was a skull. You have a great photo of that.
All your photos are great really.


Anne--these are great--guess I had better go back to my I words. But..........where is ornery? I was really waiting for that one. :-)

Oh my - loved it all!


girasoli, in fact he is single ;) He doesn't normally look that much like Orlando, but man he sure does in this shot!

thanks kaydee, I didn't know I had it in me! Guess the "if at first you don't succeed, try try again" cliche is true! I struggled first go round, but second time the idea just kept coming!

Candi, that's so cool that you saw the skull too. Seemed to be made of old coffee pots or something...tres bizarre!

Jane, I couldn't possibly come up with anything better for "ornery" than your example! Although I could have posted a photo of Mr. Ornery himself! By the way, he is coming this Sunday to record my singing after all - yay, the petition worked!

Thanks Leslie, glad to hear it!

LOL at girasoli asking if he's married (she beat me to the question!). He is CUTE!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, great 2nd list of "O's". I love all of your photos. And great photo of you and your girls at the waterfalls when they were younger.

And I'm so glad that the petition worked. Yay! I'm really looking forward to watching and hearing you sing.

Have a great weekend Anne!


Just for the record, Dave is many things, but ornery is certainly not one of them!


Kathy, thanks, we had such a great time at the waterfalls that day. And fun to come across the photo, it reminded me that we haven't gone there for a couple years, so must go this summer. And I'm glad the petition worked too...he might coming under duress, but at least he's coming. I told Valerie yesterday that I am questioning my sanity for posting it in public, though!

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