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Red Pepper Jelly

Well today is one of those days...I simply have no idea what to write about. I have my letter "O" from Jill, but have to leave that list for another day when I start writing earlier than 10pm! Unfortunately I didn't have any blog dreams recently like Eden. The big excitement of my day was serendipitously obtaining free tickets to the play "Doubt" at Neptune, and making plans to go with Valerie. We were originally planning to go see the play as a double date with our husbands, but then two free tickets landed in my lap, so...we are dumping the hubbies and going just the two of us. (Thanks to my sister Lynn for this most excellent gift...thanks to Lynn's friend Cathy who was unable to use her tickets so gave them to Lynn, who had babysitting issues and was not able to use them herself...and thanks to my daughter Sara who was first offered the tickets because she has to see this play for her English class but turns out her paper is due long before the date of these particular tickets, so they have passed on to me...like I said, serendipity!! Oh and did I mention that the tickets are literally for the night of my birthday - how cool is that?! But that date is more than a month away, so I will save the Doubt writeup for another day.)


Red Pepper Jelly

It's very pretty! Just look at this glowing orange radiance:

I made 24 jars of this wondrous condiment...and have so far given half of them away. People seem to be finding it tasty, and I myself think it is delicious! (My friend Andrea's husband Bill is apparently quite enamoured with condiments of all sorts, and from the sounds of it, his eyes near glazed over in a Homer Simpson-esque "mmmmm...red pepper jelly...mmmmm" kind of way when she arrived home with a jar!)

I played around with the sugar and pectin a bit, so each batch is a little different in thickness, sweetness, firmness. I mostly followed the recipe, though...well sort of. The recipe was for green pepper jelly, but I prefer red pepper jelly. Also I added jalepeno peppers because I like a little kick to my pepper jelly.

The recipe I (loosely) followed is in this book, that I ordered for free from the Bernardin company years and years ago...it contains an awesome collection of preserve recipes and tips on preserving and canning.

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Yummy. I haven't canned in a couple of years. You are inspiring me.

Yum! I love pepper jelly of all colors. Yours is truly beautiful!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, serendipity rules! :) Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful Birthday girls night out!

I love the color of your homemade condiment! Must be very tasty too.

Great post Anne!


I'll vouch for the deliciousness of the red pepper jelly. Without a doubt, it is the best I've ever had. The jalepeno peppers really add a certain je ne c'est quoi. Other red pepper jelly concoctions that I have tried have been a little bland.


Deborah - go for it, this jelly's not even hard to make (just be careful not to let it boil over...whoa, what a mess! er, I think it would be messy anyway, such a thing would surely never happen to me...)

Thanks Annie, I adore that deep rich orange colour! And I was holding the jar up to the window, so it's cool that the sun is sort of showing through on the bottom.

Kathy, serendipity is awesome! And I was thrilled that Valerie is free that evening - I emailed her the date and had my fingers crossed that she didn't already have something in her calendar for that particular evening, what with Easter coming up and all. (Of course, what could possibly be more important than her best friend's birthday, I can't imagine...lol)

Thanks so much Lynn, you are far too kind, I'm sure! (But your bribe's in the mail) ;) And thanks again for the awesome gift of the tickets (too bad the serendipity didn't work in your favour this time, but worked out wonderfully for me!!)


That sounds fantastic, Anne. And I love the colour!

This is one of my favourite jellis to make. It is great served on cream cheese. YUM


Sandra, the colour is a big reason why I use red instead of green peppers!

You're right, Jerry, it is good with cream cheese and crackers. I love to add it to a stir fry as well, especially this version with the jalapenos. Very tasty!

I have never made any type of jelly or jam. My mom did when I was little but I never paid attention. I have also never tried pepper jelly of any kind. Beautiful color! Any chance of sending me a taste :)


girasoli, hmm...I have to go to the post office today to mail a prayer shawl to someone, I'll check and see. If they have sturdy enough packing materials, I'll email you for your address! :)

Looks yummy and beautiful in color.
I don't think I've ever had red pepper jelly.


Candi, my version has a little kick to it because I add jalapenos, it's very tasty (and very pretty too!)

OMG, now I see the recipe! It is right in front of my eyes!! I thought it was a photo of the nutrients, etc. ...you know the ___% fat, ___% sugar, etc.

Thanks for the offer to send me some of your red pepper jelly. That was very sweet of you. :)


lol girasoli! I must confess you'll not likely ever see a breakdown of nutritional content in my blog...I figure if I really like something that much, I don't want to know how bad it is for me ;)

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