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Show of hands...

...who wants to see/hear me sing?

In yesterday's entry, I mentioned that I was singing another solo in church on Sunday. And I also mentioned that I was hoping to drag my husband along with the DVD cam to record my 'performance', so I can share it with you in a future entry. What's the problem?? you ask. Well...the problem is that Dave does not go to church...ever. I have joked with fellow choir members that he is my imaginary husband. (Ok, he has gone a handful of times over the years, but truly is a rare occurence for him to darken the doors of my sanctuary.) All I've managed to get out of him so far is "if I go, I'll bring the DVD cam"...

Candi left this comment:

"re your solo, maybe we can start signing a petition for Dave to go video tape you. Do you think this will work?"

I thought Hey, great idea!!! So this is where you all come in...if you would enjoy watching a video of my upcoming solo, please leave a comment, between now and Sunday morning, as a way of signing my petition. Maybe if enough people are interested in seeing me sing, we can convince Dave to come and record me! :)

Oh and just so you know...I'm really not all that talented ;) I just like to sing, and usually do so with joy. So this will be the church equivalent of "open mike night" at the local karaoke bar and not a polished performance. Thought it was only fair that I warn you before you sign your name in expectation of great entertainment!

Comments (15)

Dear Dave, please please please! We really want to see this! Thanks, Annie

Dear Dave, you seem like a very nice guy. Your wife's blog friends REALLY want to see Anne sing! Please make our dream come true by going to film her on Sunday!

Dear Dave, pretty please with sugar on top?

Dear Dave,
Pleas, pretty please, grant our wishes and do us a huge favor by videotaping Anne sing her solo at church on Sunday.

Thanks in advance,


Dave, we want to hear Anne sing as we are quite sure that she is better than she claims! So, please accompany her to church and video her next Sunday. We will be so happy if you will do that--and send you thought bouquets.


THANKS for the show of hands!!

(I had joked to girasoli about having my fingers crossed that at least a couple people signed my petition so that I don't just look like a big loser with no friends! lol)



I am a little late with my entry but I add my voice to those of the others who think you should be present. A little selfish note goes with this - most of the times you have been in church I have not. I promise I won't lay it on too thick!



Well said, Valerie! That's true, you have missed his rare appearances for the most part. I'm thinking if he can buy you flowers, surely he can come to church for your sake!

Ok Dave, I know you are weakening, just give in now and be done with! Resistance is futile...


Dear Dave,

We would be so happy if you could go to church this Sunday to video tape your lovely wife's solo singing performance. It would make all her blogging friends so happy and we would be so appreciative.



OK you asked for it, just remember that I have to deal with the expired editing software located on a computer suffering from imminent hard drive failure, and a short temper...


Thanks my darlin', I knew you couldn't say no to me ;)

Woohoo!!! The petition worked!! Ok everyone - let's all join hands and pray that the software, the hardware, and Dave's temper don't all blow up together in one big black-hole-generating simultaneous explosion!!

Thanks Dave, Yipee, we are going to hear/see Anne sing a solo!

Tricia :

Dave, I knew you'd go!! I am sorry I won't be able to go see you in person, Anne, but I'll be thinking of you!


Thanks Dave!


Candi & Annie - I know, how awesome that he's coming! I did tell him that he can slide in for my "performance" and then slide back out, but imagine he'll hang in for Valerie's sermon (I have been teasing him that he's really coming for her sake, not mine, anyway lol)

Tricia, I too am sorry you can't make it (the nerve of your church having their annual meeting same day as my singing!)

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