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Singing Hallelujah!!

As promised...here is the video (thanks Dave!!) of me singing in church this morning! Have to say the quality sucks. The original video was fairly decent, but in the conversion and upload onto youtube, clearly much of the visual aspect got lost in translation. The audio is not half bad though. Surprisingly, I am not completely embarrassed by this video :)

[Edited to add: I am only do the singing, someone else is playing the piano]

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Anne, tried to watch it but it says it is a private video and something about accepting the sender's friend request???

Well done!! I am really impressed. It looks like you are playing the piano as well. How talented. Thanks so much for sharing...and thank you Dave for filming :)


Thank you girasoli! I can't take credit for multi-tasking though...the pianist is a very lovely and talented teenage member of our choir.

(I had initially set the youtube video as private because I've seen some of the youtube comments on amateur videos and they ain't pretty! But realized I need to make it public in order for it to play on my blog.)

Wow, Anne. I am very impressed. You are a good singer. And to begin with, I thought you were playing the piano too, but then I realized you are not. Excellent job.
And Dave, thanks for filming.


Oh thanks Candi, that is very kind of you :)


Anne, that was lovely. You have a beautiful voice Thank you for sharing it.


Anne, thanks for sharing this. I loved it. And Dave----how about church again next Sunday?

Fabulous! :)


Sheri, thank you so much!

lol Jane, maybe I'll have to sing more solos, just to get him to church!

Thanks Leslie, and thanks for leaving my very first comment on youtube as well :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, what a beautiful way to start my morning. Thank you so much Dave for recording this great video.

You sing with so much joy and love. It was so wonderful hearing you sing (and a solo too) for the very first time. You have a beautiful voice.

Thank you so much Anne for sharing. You definitely made my morning. Have a great week!

Great job Anne! You have a beautiful, powerful voice! I am so glad we got to see this. Thanks Dave!!


Kathy, thank you so much! This song definitely fills me with love and joy, so am delighted to know that feeling came through in my singing.

Chiocciola, thanks for your wonderful comment also. I have never really thought of myself as having a powerful voice, how cool of you to say so!

Well, I just watched it but I don't have sound on my work computer so I will have to listen when I get home from work tonight.

But you look great (and thanks to Dave)!


Annie, hope you don't get home and find yourself wishing you didn't have sound there either! lol


How lovely, Anne. Enjoyed that - and what a beautiful song. Thanks, Dave!


Thanks Tricia, I'm glad you enjoyed it, hopefully next time you will be able to come hear me in person :)

When I met you in Venice I didn’t know you sang but after learning that you were a member of the choir at church I knew that your voice had to be beautiful and powerful. Love the song which also filled me with joy and love. Just what I needed as I get back to a normal life. Have been feeling kind of blue lately but your singing lifted up my spirits.


Oh Maria, that is so wonderful to hear, thank you so much :) I imagine you must be exhausted (in a joyful kind of way!) after all the wedding stuff this month.

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