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Ten things that begin with the letter "O"

Okay, I cheated and got letters from both girasoli AND Jill...hey, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do in a pinch. This daily blogging is hard! But I am taking a different approach with this one...Barb did her "B" list using photos, so I am going to copy her idea (just to change things up from my "C" list"!!)

(One of the awesome wonders of creation that sooths my soul.)

(Sunsets and sunrises fill my soul with joy and amazement.)

(Whose adjoining cloister houses my favourite cenacolo in Florence, Ghirlandaio's.)

(yes, I know...this isn't actually a box of oatmeal, but it IS a mixed cereal so maybe there's some oats in there somewhere. And hey, it's Italian so it's gotta be ok, right?!)

Olive trees

(a "borrowed" image...I really do grow green onions, but my own garden is under a layer of snow at the moment with no green in sight!)

(I was whining about trying to think of "O" words and this was Dave's helpful suggestion. Go ahead...google it...that's what I had to do...ok, I'll tell you - it's a flying machine with wings that flap like a bird.)

Oh...the word
(as in Oh dear me, why Oh why did I agree to blog about the letter "O"?!?!?! Who knew it would be so hard to think of interesting words that begin with O. Big O, little o, what begins with O...where is Dr. Suess when I need him!!)

(Not exactly an outhouse, but this is an outbuilding containing washrooms, so close enough. It is at a cute little park at Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia.

As in I am offering my voice this coming Sunday to sing another solo in church...well I'm actually singing the same song I sang last time, but a slightly different version. I'm hoping to talk Dave into coming with the DVDcam so I can post it for you afterward, but he rarely sets foot inside church, so remains to be seen if I can talk him into it or not! Our choir director asked if I would sing it again on Feb 22, Transfiguration Sunday...I'm not entirely clear on the transfiguration (although adore Raphael's painted representation!). I'm thinking the bible story is something about Jesus on a mountain being called the Son of God, but am not sure. I could look it up, but am too lazy! I could also ask my friend, the minister, but she's not here and I have to get this posted tonight. Oh well. I have read that in Catharism, transfiguration refers to personal transformation rather than to an actual Jesus...I like that.
(Ok, I confess...I am not in this photo, nor is it my church! But hey, it's a choir from Italy, so it's ok, right?!)

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Yay you are doing another solo! Very cool. It does get a little easier each time, doesn't it?


Anne--what about orecchiette or Obama or oink or ornery (like in Dave won't go to church)or ozone or.... Just some thoughts for your next 10.. Of course, a picture for some might be difficult. I challenge you.


I love your photo essay. Vowel assignments are hard. I got a vowel too... I am still working on it. :)

The outhouse cracked me up! Is this a list of things you love?? Fun list :) Love your first 3 choices and photos!


Chiocciola, it sure does. Although I only feel comfortable singing for my church family, I don't think I could ever sing in front of a "tough crowd"!

Jane - ornery! LOL :) And uh oh, I've never been able to refuse a challenge. Yikes, another ten O words though - good thing you named off a few to start me off!

Thanks Eden, I was surprised that this was so hard! I didn't have any trouble at all with my C words.

girasoli, no I sure don't love outhouses! :) But I couldn't think of ten "O" things that I love and was getting desperate by that point!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I enjoyed and loved your "O" words and your (both yours and your borrowed ones) photos.

I think that is so cool that you are singing a solo. I would love to see and hear a video clip of your solo one day!

Gosh, even when you struggle it comes out great! Nice job on the "O's". Have a great day Anne!

Great job with a challenging letter!

I LOVE that olive tree photo!


Kathy, I'm still working on dragging Dave to church with me on Sunday, so fingers crossed that I'll be able to share my performance with you in an upcoming post!

Annie, I took that photo in Fiesole, I was on the road drawing near to the entrance to Monte Ceceri park. Gorgeous area to walk around, I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Florence area!

Great job Anne, O is such a hard letter. You did great, and your photos are great! I love orange in sunsets and sunrises too, your photo is amazing.
And re your solo, maybe we can start signing a petition for Dave to go video tape you. Do you think this will work?
I would love to see/hear you.


Awesome idea, Candi!! And coincidentally, I haven't posted anything yet for today, so will make my post into a petition!


Love the photos; if I had tried to do my list with pictures, we would be reading it in March, or maybe April.


lol Marcia, it took me a while to get the hang of photo posting too!

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