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Today's entry is brought to you by the letter "C"!

I'm jumping into the fray of this letter meme that's making the rounds. I think it hit our ST circle through Jill, then girasoli joined and has been assigning letters to many in our community. See the comments in her post for a full list of STers with letters...and to get a letter assigned yourself, I just checked and there are still a few good ones left! (And by good, I mean not "X"!)

The letter girasoli assigned me is "C". I asked Jill for a letter too, and she just sent me an "O", so that entry will be coming soon to a computer screen near you! :)

Here are ten things that came to mind when I thought of words beginning with the letter C...

...the United Church of Canada is awesome, I highly recommend it :) My individual church is awesome too - I love it! I love my minister (whose birthday I celebrated in yesterday's entry)...her grace and strength, her deep faith and amazing compassion are incredibly inspiring (everytime I hear the blessing "may you see the face of Christ in everyone you meet", I think of her.) I love Sunday worship, feeling rejuvenated and uplifted each week, and being energized and inspired to pursue a life of peace, love and justice. I love being part of an amazing community of people who hold each other in love and prayer, who give of themselves through outreach programs, funeral and prayer shawl ministries, and so many other ways.
I could on and on, but you get the idea!

...I am blessed to have two amazing children. My daughters fill my heart to infinity and beyond! They are both so delightful and wonderful and intelligent and creative and caring and silly. They are so full of possibility and potential. I am so proud of them. At the beginning of this school year, my younger daughter's teacher asked parents to write a few things about their child to give the teacher an introduction to the child...I wrote two full pages and could easily have written more, but M said "enough, mum!!" I am reluctantly allowing them to grow up, although still in shock that Sara turned 19 last week, and M turned 13!! Where oh where did all those years go??! :) And yet, every age they turn becomes my favourite.
...I am also blessed with an inner child, who seems to be about age five, and who most often keeps me filled with wonder, joy and childish delight, but who is also not above sulking in the corner over the most ridiculous little things!

Chatting on facebook
...can be addictive. I always thought of online chatting as total fluff, but have recently discovered that it can also be a place of amazing sharing. Valerie and I had the most wonderful conversation on facebook the other night...we joked that it was because, for once, we didn't have our daughters sitting in our laps! As wonderful as it is that our daughters want to spend time with us, sometimes we would like some friend time for ourselves, and get into more indepth conversation than is possible with two thirteen year olds hanging on every word!)

...of the rainbow. Who doesn't love rainbows? These glorious wonders of creation fill my heart with joy and my soul with the presence of the Spirit. Oh I know they can be explained away with scientific explanations of light refracting on water droplets (or whatever the physics are), but when one of these amazing arcs spreads across the sky, who can deny feeling uplifted, who doesn't feel their mood lighten? Rainbows do feel like signs from God, a message to be always hopeful. I had the privilege of singing with choir at a funeral today, and one of the man's daughters told how she was driving to the hospital as her father lay dying, and she was praying and asking him to give her a sign that he was ok...she said as she drove, a mist filled the air and a rainbow appeared in the sky before her. She knew then that he was ok...she said she knew also that he was no longer awaiting her at the hospital, he was up in that place where the rainbow was. I had goosebumps listening to this story...amazing grace in the glory of a rainbow.

...is a most wonderful country to live in! Especially my beautiful Nova Scotia. Much as I love Italy, I cannot imagine ever moving away from this place. Volumes can be written about this gorgeous country...google it, you'll fall in love yourself!

Coffee, chocolate, champagne
(Ok, that's three things...but really, who can pick just one from last tasty trio?!)

...are so cool (says my inner child!) Real castles, sand castles, castles in the air. I am more drawn to ruins like Framlingham than to Leeds, which had rooms refinished for current living. Somehow I felt more connected with history when standing on the ramparts of the crumbling Framlingham, than standing in the drapery filled bedrooms of Leeds.

...I hate 'em, they are creepy. 'nuff said.

Countries (I have visited)
ITALY!!! Yay, I knew I could fit this wonderful place into my post somehow! With three visits so far, Italy is my most visited foreign country...I am certain more journeys to Italy are in my future! I have also visited the United States, Hungary and England (oh and Germany if one counts an eight hour layover and three hour bus ride from Frankfurt-am-Main to Hahn airports!) Italy stole my heart pretty much on first sight...the magical misty deserted calles of Venice on a March evening...the golden streets of Rome at midnight...the Renaissance soaked corners of Florence...the stunning vistas of the Amalfi Coast...the rhythms of life, the cadence of the language, the warmth and vibrant liveliness of the Italian people.

...we have two of them, Winston and Polly. If you have a look through my blog, you will meet them!

Comments (12)

I don't like clowns or... gnomes! Or those mimes, you know, the ones outside the Uffizi...


We many things in common...
I am addicted to Facebook too.
Now I have two cats in my home... neither one is mine but here for the moment....Maybe my home is the "halfway" home for cats whose owners are in transition... moving from one place to another, that is...
I love, love coffee, chocolate, and champagne as well...

Barb Cabot:

Love it Ann! Clever answers. I am blogging the letter "B" that Girasoli gave me. That will appear tomorrow on my blog. You are "Creative and Clever"

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I love your "C" Words. And if words could light up from our computer screens when you speak of your church, your children and your friendships and what they mean to you, they would be the colors of a beautiful rainbow.

Have a great day today Anne!


Leslie, I know those Uffizi mimes well! Passed them many a time during my three weeks in Florence last October (and I'm not that fond of them either, although am amazed at still they can sit for hours on end - I'm way too fidgety for that line of work!)

Eden, good to know I'm not the only FB addict in the group. And those cats are fortunate to find shelter with you!

Thanks Barb! I will look forward to your B post tomorrow. I'm sure it will be 'b'rilliant! :)

Awww Kathy, what a wonderful thing to say! I love the image of words lighting up into the colours of a rainbow ♥ I really enjoyed your "K" words too!


Hey, I share your love of cats, children, Canada, country of Italy, castles and chocolate. I also whole-heartedly agree with your assessment of clowns. We diverge on the issue of coffee, however. I'm sure all this comes as quite a surprise to you, as it is likely that you didn't know these things about me before this....

Great post. Thanks for a lovely read.


lol Lynn, yes big surprise to find out all these things, here all these years I thought you loved coffee...and clowns ;o)

Cool and creative choices!! I love castles! You know Jill is on facebook now and is looking for friends. She wrote about it in her Sunday Salon post.


thanks girasoli, I missed that post of Jill's somehow, will have to go check it out!


Excellent list, Anne! I also love Canada, castles, colours.

Down with clowns and their evil relative, the mime!


lol Sandra, I've been waiting for your comment on the clowns, thought of you as soon as I wrote that bit!

Great list, Anne.
I also love castles and colors(or colours:).

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