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Which way to go?

I am not being struck by any inspiring or thoughtful blog topics this evening...it's late, it's been a long day and I want to go to bed! Earlier today I was listening (for the umpteenth time) to a song by the Indigo Girls called Watershed...so will share it with you.

The chorus of this song always, always, makes me stop and think:

"Up on the watershed

Standing at the fork in the road

You can stand there and agonize

Till your agony's your heaviest load

Youll never fly as the crow flies

Get used to a country mile

When you're learning to face

The path at your pace

Every choice is worth your while"

I don't have any great words of wisdom right now as to why it makes me stop and think...the words just speak to me. Guess I like the message about not agonizing over making the wrong choice. And the part about every choice being worth our while, to me, means that even through "wrong" choices, we grow and develop a better understanding of ourselves.

Just choose a fork and strike out along your chosen path with confidence...

Of course sometimes there seem to be too many choices...

And it helps to find a quiet bench where you can sit and pray for guidance!

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I loved this post! The pictures were beautiful as well.

Nice post,Anne. I love your photos. And this song is very good.


Deborah and Candi, thanks! I'm so glad you both enjoyed this. The photos are in Florence (1. "corner" of Costa Scarpucci and Via del Canneto, 2. Boboli Gardens) and Fiesole (along Via Andrea Costa on far side of the archaelogical site.) No I didn't have the street names memorized, I just looked them up on google maps!

Cool photos and a great song. As one who is always lost, I often end up seeing more than I would have if I took the correct road the first time.


girasoli, it's wonderful coming across those unexpected places, isn't it? I really enjoyed all my aimless wandering during my trip last year. I adore maps though, so I don't stay lost very long! But I do love just heading in whatever direction strikes my fancy, without knowing where it leads or what will be found along the way :)

I have been known to carry 4 to 5 maps of the same area and I still get lost! I just have no sense of direction at all. That is why I won't rent a car. My friends are always amazed that I find my hotel at night when I travel.


ok that's funny, girasoli! You are even more brave than I thought to travel alone, in that case!

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