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Yay, my friend gets home today!!

Woohoo!!! My inner child is very excited because my friend gets home today! Can't wait to see her this evening! ♥ Hey, I'm having friend withdrawal over here, can you tell?! Nevermind that I saw her the evening before she left, ten days is a long time in the life of an inner child! lol (Just so you know what the heck I'm going on about - my best friend was just away on study leave...imagine, the nerve of that woman to go away for ten whole days!!!)

So strange not to at least see her in church this week. Even when things are busy and we don't get to hang out regularly, we usually manage a quick hug and greeting on Sunday mornings. Speaking of Sunday, I had the scripture reading thrown at me literally at the last minute. M was supposed to read it, but wasn't feeling well and was worried she'd break into a coughing fit in the middle of reading. So a few minutes beforehand, she popped up to the choir loft, handed me her bible and asked if I would read it instead. Good thing the children's story dragged on this week, gave me time to find the passage and read it through to myself before reading out loud. Actually, reading out loud isn't something that stresses me in the slightest, but it's nice to at least have a quick advance peek at the content to make sure there are no unpronounceable names, etc. (I'd be waaaaay uncomfortable, not to mention tongue-tied, talking to a crowd off the top of my head, but reading from a book - no problemo!)

And that's about all I have to say for today...so will add some photos for your viewing pleasure. They are completely unrelated to the above content, but whatever...just enjoy them, ok!??! I just liked the winter light, and the shadows on the snow. The first two would be what the cats were looking at out the window in "yesterday's" entry...the others are out back of my house.







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I love the lighting in the pictures, Anne.
And good for you, comfortable reading in front of people. I am the opposite, I can talk people to death from my head, but give me a paragraph to read, and my face turns colors.


Candi, I love that blue winter light too! I'm a little envious of people who can speak off the cuff to a crowd - that skill is so not in my repertoire.


I love those pictures. The snow is gorgeous, as is the general scenery. You should send them to the UK crowd. I know at least one of them who would be envious! Have a great visit with Valerie tonight. (And may I add, FINE!)


Lynn: FINE!!!! I will enjoy my visit!!!! :)
(wish I could manage a tongue-sticking out smiley face!)

Good idea, I will send those photos along...although he may be getting his fill in Michigan!


True, he may be. Although their snow can't be as good as ours, since other snow just doesn't compare with snow from home!


Note for Annie - just looking at the second photo and thinking hey, I have my very own vera da pozzo! Not quite as exotic as those in Venice though...

Beautiful photos! Sometimes I miss real snow that sticks around and that you can walk, drive, sled, ski on, and that makes cool noises when you walk.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, I'm glad that your inner child gets her friend back! Beautiful photos! And that round object does look like a vera da pozzo! :) Can't wait to hear what Annie says...

Thanks for another wonderful post Anne!


Chiocciola, I love that crunching sound that some types of snow makes when you walk on it. Often in NS, it snows and then turns to rain...so we get the nasty driving conditions but not the fun! It's been neat this year to have it actually stick around!

Kathy, the round thing actually is my well! (We're on the "wrong side of the highway", the municipal water system doesn't come as far as our house, so all our water comes from our well.)

Maybe you need to take a chisel out there and carve a saint on it. :)

I have a well too (I'm not in the city limits so no water from them) but my well is inside a little house.

Gorgeous photos, Anne! Love the soft blue winter light and the shadows on the snow.

A vera da pozzo in Nova Scotia! Love it!


Ooo, awesome idea Annie, I may just do that...Santa Anna perhaps?!

Maria, I know, how cool is it to have my own after admiring all the ones in Venice?! I love Annie's idea to carve it. Seriously may give it a try, who knows what hidden talents I might have lurking inside me!


Anne, the winter light is beautiful and I love that shade of blue in a winter sky at sunset.....

I'm glad to hear your friend is coming home, I also miss close friends when they're away.


Sandra, that luminous blue of a winter sky really gives one a sense of the infinite, doesn't it?

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