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Happy Birthday to...


45 years ago, in the town of Wolfville, a perfectly adorable and well behaved baby girl was born. ♥ :) I can't find any baby pictures, but have a couple from age 3 or 4 to share...

Here I am on the swing, with my sister, Lynn, giving me a push:

Me on my pedal train. Man, I loved that thing! (Almost as much as mom's oh-so-soft furry hat, seen here on my head.)

Fast forward a bunch of years...

I met a wonderful man...

And we got married and had our own babies...

And now we live happily ever after...except hasn't been so happy the past couple days...

I had booked today off (first full day off in 3-4 weeks including weekends), but a meeting was postponed until this morning, so...there goes my day off. (Not a great career move to decline a meeting with the Deputy Minister!)

Also found out that the guy whose position I am acting in is coming back sooner than expected, so I have to go back to my old job in accounting next week, which, quite frankly, sucks!! I much prefer working on the budgeting and business planning side of things.

I had also planned to have lunch with my friend Jane...but she has a nasty cold, so we thought we'll wait until Thursday and hope she's feeling better.

But wait, there's more!! The karmic forces of evil aren't done yet...Valerie and I were going out for a birthday dinner and then to Neptune Theatre tonight. We'd made the plans over a month ago. I haven't seen much of her in the past couple weeks (she was away for March break) and was really looking forward to spending some time together. So guess what? Uh huh, another funeral...and the visitation is this evening. (Not to be selfish in the face of death, but...can't wait for July so we can spend some time together when she's not on call 24/7!)

Fortunately, I was able to switch our theatre tickets to Saturday...so am praying our date works out this time!! I'll let you know how it goes...

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Happy Birthday Anne!!!! (It says March 25 but it is still the 24 but I guess the 25 is the right day?)

I am sorry there was so much stuff happening that interfere with your birthday plans! Hope you get to reschedule with Valerie soon.

Oh, and the photos are great!!

First, Happy Happy Birthday!! Hau'oli la Hānau!! Buon Compleanno!! Auguri!!

I love the pictures!! I am glad you pointed out the hat. For a moment I thought that was your hair, which really puzzled me since that hairdo really doesn't seem to fit you :)

I am sorry you had so many junk things happen today, especially on your birthday. That is really crappy that you have to go back to the job you don't like as much. Why is he coming back so soon? Can't he do your job til he is supposed to come back?

Hope your day is better tomorrow.

Happy birthday to a really wonderful person!! XOX


Chiocciola, must be a timezone thing because it was the 25th my time when I posted this. Valerie and I now are on for Saturday night, so fingers crossed nothing comes up to ruin our plans again!

girasoli, what a brilliant idea to have him do my old job - if I could make that happen, I'd be celebrating for sure! Alas, he has seniority so I've no choice but to reliquish the good job back to him :(

Thanks Leslie, that is so sweet of you! :)

(The day is going great so far, in spite of the fact that I had to come into work. Other than my 8:30 meeting, it's been an unexpectedly slow day so I will get out for a birthday lunch, just not sure with who yet!)

Happy Birthday! Cute photos!


Thanks Annie :)


Great trip down memory lane. I always loved that fuzzy hat pic!

And without further ado, let me wish you a very happy birthday. And I won't sing the birthday song that Stan Carew always plays on Weekend Morning and that starts with the line, "It's your birthday today and you're old". Honest. (Especially since you are younger than I!!)

Don't forget about Sunday. Lots of love from your (only slightly) older sister.

Happy Birthday even if your day didn't go as planned. I love the retrospective on your life.

Hopefully the rest of the week and year will be happy and wonderful as you wish it to be.


LOL Lynn, rest assured I won't have any such qualms about singing that to YOU on your birthday! ;) Looking forward to Sunday, Sara's coming too - yay!

Thanks Marta, it's so much fun to look back at old photos. And they are a good reminder of how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life! :)

My day has turned out to be quite lovely in the end. Lots of warm birthday wishes, had a wonderful lunch with my friend Andrea, and have rescheduled my day off for Friday...and I may just spend the whole day on the couch watching movies!

Anne, Happy Birthday!

I am so sorry bad karma was chasing, hopefully it stopped! It was chasing me too, last week.
Hopefully things will get better and you'll have your birthday date you deserve on Saturday.

Sending a hug and birthday wishes to a lovely and special friend!

Love your photos. You look so cute on your pedal train wearing the fuzzy hat (like Girasoli I was puzzled at "your" hair).

I'm glad to hear that you had a great day after all and that you're looking forward to a three day weekend. It looks like you have some wonderful plans for Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy them!


Happy, Happy Birthday Anne!

I love your photos, that little face is adorable! (Especially under your Mom's furry hat -- so cute!)

I am sorry to hear that your birthday didn't go quite as planned, but hopefully your Saturday night plans will stay in place.


Candi - aha, so your bad karma moved on to me!?! Oh well, certainly seems to have left me behind now too - must have been chased away from all the wonderful birthday wishes I got today, including a singing message on my voicemail from Valerie, with her daughter joining in in the background :)

Aw thanks Maria I love hugs!! I am definitely looking forward to my long weekend! A day of rest, friendship time, family time, dinner and theatre, a concert at church Sunday evening...a birthday weekend doesn't get much better than that! And my fellow choir members sang Happy Birthday to me at practice tonight, which sounded wonderful in the sanctuary! :)

Sandra, thanks, (I think I was pretty cute too!) Wish mom still had that hat, what a great keepsake that would have been. I wore that thing every chance I could! So far, so good on the Saturday date - we're going to dinner and then to the play "Doubt" at Neptune. Sara saw it a couple weeks ago and said it was fantastic, so can't wait! :)


Happy Birthday, Anne! Gee, what a birthday. I guess the best way to look at it is that it's good to get all the junk on one day rather than spreading it out.

Loved the pictures and learning of you through them and am glad to know you were able to change your tickets.


Happy, happy, happy birthday!
What a darling dollface...I love the photo of you as a little child!


Jane, so true, it could only go uphill from there! I have great faith my upcoming weekend will overflow with love and laughter, family and friends, music and worship, and all the things that make life wonderful!!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, Happy Be-lated Birthday to you! I loved all of your photos.

I'm so sorry your special plans with your good friend Valerie didn't work out, but am glad that the day ended nicely for you. Looks like you have some great weekend plans. Enjoy and have fun!

Best Wishes!


Thanks Kathy! It did turn out to be a lovely day. And I still have the fun of looking forward to all the wonderful plans yet to come! ♥


I love the pictures. I especially like the one of you and Dave.


Thanks KellyAnne.

Brenda, what a sweet thing to say, thank you! (Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment, it went to my junk folder for some reason, strange.)



Happy Birthday again! Sorry I have been so long posting on this entry but, well, you know the story. Loved the pics and I must say that neither you nor Dave have changd that much! You are certainly too young to have a 19year old! See you tonight


Valerie - right back at ya about being too young to have a 19 yr old ;) Am glad our date worked out this time, what a wonderful evening! ♥ Great idea to go for a walk in Point Pleasant first, really felt like spring was in the air yesterday afternoon :)

Happy birthday! I hope that it was celebrated in style!


Thanks Jerry, the plans took a while to come together, but worth the wait! Sharing a great meal and theatre with my best friend Sat evening, followed by a family gathering on Sunday...what more could I ask for?! :)

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