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International Talk Like William Shatner Day

Happy 78th Birthday to William Shatner!

A friend of a friend posted this on facebook and I just have to share it for any fellow William Shatner fans. Too funny! I...love William...Shatner...(quick inhale) Loved him in Star Trek, love him in Boston Legal, get a huge kick out of his CD Common People. It's William Shatner's world and we all just live in it (don't know where that quote is from, but it cracks me up) And it really is amusing to talk like Shatner, so I can totally get onboard with "International Talk Like William Shatner Day!!"

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That is a great video. I also love Shatner. His mannerism and speech patterns make you want to mock him. Thanks for posting.

I can't believe he is 78! I was never a Star Trek fan but loved him on Boston Legal.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, cute video. I like William Shatner in Boston Legal and also in some movies like Miss Congeniality. Happy 78 Birthday to him!

Thanks for this post Anne. Have a great day!


Talk like William Shatner you say? I can get behind that! Of course, what I can't get behind is people talking their way through songs and pretending they're singing. That is, unless they happen to be... William Shatner!!

Love the post and many thanks for the valuable info about Bill. (I like to pretend we're on a first name basis. I'm sure you can get behind that.)


Marta, so true, how can one NOT mock those awesome speech patterns?!

girasoli, Denny Crane is a classic! I was surprised to learn he was 78 too.

Kathy, I forgot about his role in Ms. Congeniality, too funny!

Lynn, I can totally get behind that...we are both just common people after all! ;)



Thanks for the video and I too can certainly get on board with william Shatner. He is wonderful. I happen to be a trekie and have all the movies. When I plan a "get away from the world" day I often start with the first of the Star Trek movies and simply watch them all. This is, of course, something I must do without family since they do not share the same fascination.


Valerie - you have all the movies??! Ok, how did I not know that? I haven't seen those in ages. I'm thinking you better call me next time you're doing a Trek marathon!! :)

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