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On hiatus?

I probably won't post many entries over the next while, because much has fallen by the wayside this past month of daily blogging! I gots a lot of catching up to do! :)

In the meantime...here are some thoughtful and inspiring words from Jann Arden, which I read in the Jan-09 issue of Chatelaine while awaiting my mammogram, and they so resonated with me that I quickly scribbled them on a scrap of paper and stuck it in my purse to re-read later...

"You know, you have a chance every day when you wake up to recreate yourself. My dad says 'you are not what you did, but what you will do.' I think too many people live too long on old glories, but that's not what life is".

Words of wisdom. I must contemplate them further while I knit...

Here too, are some beautiful words from my 2009 calendar "Awakening the Heart" by Pema Chodron...



And to brighten your day with a splash of colour, here is my amaryllis plant, which is now on it's second round of blooming and even more spectacular than the first round!

Hugs and prayers to all ♥

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Anne, thank you very much for letting us know that you're going on hiatus, so we won't worry.

I really enjoyed reading your very thoughtful and inspiring words. Many hugs and prayers back to you!

Barb Cabot:

Take care Anne. We'll be here when you return.


Thanks Kathy and Barb, I am always so touched by how our blog community cares for each other. That is just so cool! Enjoy your day!! :)

I hope to still be around in "comment-land" though, one of the things that has fallen by the wayside in my mad rush of writing every day is reading of my favourite blogs! So I plan to catch up on those while on my own writing break.

Don't go on hiatus! Please. Thanks.


Chiocciola, ok, since you asked nicely... ;)

Actually hiatus wasn't really a good word to choose, since I'm not intending to take a complete break from blogging. Just that my entries might be a bit sporadic the next while, mostly because I want to finish knitting the two prayer shawls I started before Christmas!

The amaryllis is stunning, and I love the thoughts from Pema. "Nothing is what we thought" - how classic!

Have a nice (but short!) blog break and come back soon! Or maybe you can dictate your posts to Dave while you knit? :)

Loved the inspirational quotes; the first one in particular. Too many times I look into the past instead of planning for the future but now that we have a new beginning in our family (a wedding and a new grandnephew) I can only look forward, to what the future holds for my ever growing family.

Your amaryllis is very lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs to you from warm Arizona.


Haha Annie, too funny! (Dave, watch out, I just might try this at home!!)

Actually my break is going to be short indeed since am just about to post an entry. Came across something while eating lunch that I found inspiring so want to share with everyone else. And also something in Chiocciola's recent post reminded me of an entry I started way back in November and just realized I never published it, so will update that and post it soon. Ah, I knew I couldn't stay away from writing in this place!! ♥


Thank you Maria ♥ And congratulations on your growing family, I'll soon be along to check out your blog in hopes of some photos!! :)

Those quotes speak to me too, especially the stepping out into unknown territory. I find that such amazing things happen when I open myself to the unknown.


I think a break is not the worst thing, especially when you have things you want to do - I have some baby blankets to knit and I find myself spending so much more time online these days. As an aside, I remember enjoying Chatelaine magazine when we lived in Toronto; bought one in the airpost last May.


Thanks Marcia, I do have some things that have been terribly neglected this past month. But it's funny, as soon as I decided to give myself a break from blogging, and take the pressure off myself, I found my enthusiasm rekindled. I do better under pressure at work, but seems to be the opposite with writing in my blog.

I was watching a movie the other night and a Chatelaine magazine was on one of the tables - dead giveaway the movie was filmed in Canada!

Yay you are not on hiatus after all! I like to think that my stern but friendly request made the difference! :)


Why yes, of course it did, Chiocciola, I totally blame you - I mean thank you - for my ongoing blogging! haha

I have been so far behind also after our Feb blogging this year. I almost when on hiatus also, but wanted to finish up my Bologna posts for Dana since she is heading there soon. I am just now catching up on everyone's blogs. Glad to see your hiatus was very short :)

Your amaryllis flower is gorgeous!


Thanks girasoli, it really is funny how many ideas I had as soon as I decided to take a break!

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